The Hidden Costs of Moving

11 June 2015 by

There’s no question-Moving is expensive.

If it’s down the road, it may be cheaper than interstate. However, one can almost always count on investing at least a few hundred dollars. The American Moving and Storage Association estimates the average costs of intrastate moves reach more the $1,100 and interstate moves usually hit nearly $6,000.

Payments are required for movers, cleaning, gas, transportation and more. But oftentimes, many of the costs associated with moving are unanticipated for individuals who aren’t frequent movers.

Shayla Hendrix, who works with A Team Carpet Clean in Lawton, Okla., said one of the most common requests the company receives is for move-out carpet cleaning, explaining that renters know it’s necessary in order to get their deposits back when moving out.

Consumer savings expert Andrea Woroch said people who are moving need to remember that for local moves many trucks and van rent by the hour.

“Organization is key for hourly rentals,” Woroch said. “The trick here is to have everything packed up and ready to go before you pick up the vehicle. Have friends and family standing by to load everything up and meet at your new place to unload quickly.This ensures you don’t exceed the rental period!”

Another frequently forgotten moving expense is packaging.

After a recent move artist Arlissa Vaugh noted that when moving, people often forget window sizes at their new place will likely be different.

“When several rooms in the new house have more/less windows and in different sizes. we have to buy new curtains,” she said.

Other common moving expenses that are often overlooked when budgeting include extra packing materials, long-carry fees (when movers have to park somewhere other than right out front), and speciality furniture.

To cut back on costs and make room for extra expenses, Woroch suggests getting boxes at the grocery story or from your neighbors for free.

“Don’t buy speciality boxes from a moving company,” Woroch said. “It’s a total waste of money! Prepare in advance by holding on to boxes, bubble wrap and tissue paper you receive from online shipments and ask friends and family if they have any tucked away that you can use.”

And while it won’t help you right away, Woroch also stresses it’s important to track all expenses for tax purposes.

“When it comes to moving costs, some are tax deductible,” she explained. “It’s important to save all your receipts, so you can track costs and keep your deductions organized for next tax season. Review these tax deductions for moving so you know exactly what to track.”

Melanie Hess

Melanie Hess

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