How to Throw A Housewarming Party

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So you bought a new place? Congratulations! You’re embarking on an exciting new adventure. Chances are you friends and family are dying to see the 3D,life-size version of the Facebook and Instagram photos you posted online. And they’ve probably told you so.

Time to give everyone that opportunity at once- A housewarming party! And why not celebrate a little after all the chaos?

If you’re a party planner, this will be a blast for you. If you’re not, it might seem a bit overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve got a few expert tips on how to throw an epic housewarming party.

As an event planning veteran with more than 25 years of experience Greg Jenkins is an expert at new home parties and knows how to execute one without breaking the bank. After all, you’ve already spent plenty of money on moving costs.

“To defray costs, send out electronic invitations through a system such as Evite,” he said. “In addition, when you formulate your guest list, you might want to consider hosting two housewarming parties — one for your family and close friends — and another for your colleagues and co-workers. Sometimes combining these two different audiences can create awkwardness.”

Schumer also suggests taking this time as an opportunity to get acquainted with your neighbors and find out the policies for music and noise in your neighborhood. This will help start you neighborly relationships on the right foot and keep you from getting fined for something like a noise complaint.

Especially during the spring and summer months, weather can be unpredictable.

“Think Plan B in case of rain and shade,” Jenkins said. “The best time to purchase umbrellas is when you don’t need them. You also can make your own cabanas with some fabric and lumber. It can be economical and chic!”

As for decor, she suggest lots of candles, fresh flowers and bright colors to showcase the home.

“Centerpieces of granny smith apples in a cylinder of water is soothing, simple and inexpensive,” he said. “Paper lanterns in outdoor areas and café lights that can be strung around the backyard create a festive environment. Use fabric (on-sale and no more than a few dollars per yard) to create décor elements, including jazzing up your buffets or food stations. You can use fabric to create swags too.”

Then there’s beverages food and beverages, two of the most important party details.

Angel Rutledge from SignUpGenius said it’s wise to keep the menu simple and stress free.

“Offer tried-and-true finger foods, snacks, and classic drinks,” Rutledge noted. “Save the experiments and wild themes for a later date.”

“Create an alcoholic punch that’s not too strong, but perfect for guests to sip on when they drop by,” said Rodney Brazil with “For the non-drinkers be sure to have a second non-alcoholic punch as well, especially if your housewarming party is during the day. Keep a few bottles of water handy, along with club soda and ginger ale.”

Since moving is a process, your house doesn’t necessarily need to be entirely perfect in order to throw your party.

“Unpack the kitchen and living room first, since that’s where guests tend to congregate the most,” Rutledge said. “As for the rest of the house a little organization will go a long way — get boxes into their appropriate rooms, at least — and will help the ‘new house tours’ go much more smoothly.”

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Melanie Hess

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