RoboVault: Self-storage for the Rich and Famous

Even those who own a mansion in Palm Beach, Florida and another in La Jolla, California look for secure self-storage for their personal treasures. Whether it is a custom motorcycle or select pieces of museum-quality art, these types of valuables require a level of protection not found in the average self-storage facility. This level of storage clientele seek the services of RoboVault.

Museum Quality Services

Bruce Tang, Director of Art and Antiquities for RoboVault says they are proud of their prestigious designation as an AXA ArtProtect approved warehouse, but they offer much more than world class security and protection. “RoboVault constructs customized crates in an in-house crating shop that helps mitigate the risks to artwork including shock, vibration, abrasion and climate fluctuations,” Tang shares. “Our highly trained and experienced art handlers have handled thousands of works of art varying across a multitude of mediums, sizes, designs and handling requirements. Proper packing materials and methods established by the National Gallery of Art and organizations such as the AAM, PACCIN and ARCS are utilized to ensure Museum Quality Services and standards are provided.”

These specialized service are not limited to the RoboVault fortress. They have become an invaluable resource for their clients on many levels. They provide custom installation solutions for private residences, galleries, museums, art fair exhibitions, public spaces and even yachts. A list of highly-qualified conservators, restorers, appraisers, insurance professionals, consultants and auction houses are accessible by referral through RoboVault.

Safe from Mother Nature

The structure of this exclusive storage is built 16 feet above sea level and is able to withstand Category 5 hurricane winds up to 200 miles per hour. An automated retrieval system is also in place that is able to store items at an even higher surface level to protect against storm surge.

Since precision climate control is critical to the preservation of many of the items stored in the facility, dual precautions are in place to maintain power in the event of an outage. They are located on the Ft. Lauderdale airport grid, which gives them priority service. Their onsite generators are also capable of maintaining power to the facility for a full two weeks, if necessary.

What’s in the Vault?

The names of specific clientele are kept in strict confidence, but it is quite likely that you’d recognize several of them. When Tang was asked to share some of the larger and more exotic items that have held residence at the facility, he had a long list:

  • Large scale sculptures
  • Tapestries from European castles
  • Oversized artworks
  • Grand pianos
  • Antique silver sets
  • Rare books
  • Ivory sculptures
  • Intricate model ships

For the larger items, specialized rigging is provided to remove them from storage and install them in their ultimate destinations. In those cases, RoboVault offers the usage of boom trucks, gantry cranes, hoisting and other custom solutions to their clients.

More Than Self-Storage

For those who want and need personal access to their belongings stored at the facility, RoboVault offers that type of self-storage access. For others there is the option of a managed storage service. In this second option, the specialists at RoboVault handle everything for the client. “(Managed clients) rely on our team to de-install, pack, crate and transport their valuables to our facility, Tang explains. “In this arrangement, we assume complete care, custody and control until the client is ready for his/her items to be delivered and re-installed.”

Whether you want to protect the fragile and valuable items from your yacht during hurricane season or need a safe environment for your art collection when it isn’t on display, RoboVault should be a consideration.


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