Cheap & Easy Home Décor: How to Make Fabric Boxes

8 June 2015 by

When it comes to home décor, “cheap and easy” works for me. Sure, I want my place to look great and I want to enjoy the benefits of carefully thought-out feng shui (it really works!). I like my home to feel spacious, not cluttered. And for that, I need to either rent another storage unit or find a way to beautifully package all my extra stuff. The quick and low-cost solution: fabric-covered storage boxes.

You don’t need a sewing machine for these, just some cardboard, something to cut it with, fabric, and adhesive. Let’s start with some details on the supplies…

Start with the cardboard.

If you’ve moved recently you’ve already got a bunch of cardboard boxes handy. You can also pick up good, sturdy boxes that your local retailer might otherwise be crushing and putting into the recycling dumpster. Look around, there’s probably a near-empty box in the back of your closet, just waiting to be transformed.

First, take a look at the fabric you already have.

Even if you don’t sew, you’ve probably got some fabric handy. Bandanas work, and scarves do, too. If you got a tablecloth as a housewarming gift but you’re using your kitchen table as a desk, you’ll have enough fabric to cover a bunch of boxes. A cotton shirt with a stain on the front? Perfect—cut it up and make some art.

Next, take a trip to the fabric store.

Arts and craft stores carry fabric.  So does WalMart! You can also visit a fabric store like Joann’s.  The best fabric for covering a box will be cotton, non-stretch. (In other words, if you could make a t-shirt or prom dress out of it, give it a pass.)

An excellent place to find fabric online is eBay. Seriously! It’s the perfect place to find exactly what you’re looking for, a yard at a time. Try the search term “cotton fabric by the yard” and you will have a world of choices at your fingertips.

Cutting and adhering.

You can cut the cardboard with a cutter, if you have one. In a pinch, I’ve used a Swiss Army knife. As far as adhesive, your best bet is Mod Podge. If you’re a child of the 70s, or had a really good art program in elementary school, you’re already familiar with this magic stuff. Otherwise, you can find it at almost any craft store.

And now, to cover the box with fabric.

OK, this is the fun part. You’ve got your box and your fabric. Here are two different approaches. The first is simple, from Caught on a Whim.

If, like me, you need a little more help each step of the way, here is a more detailed tutorial.

Either way, you start with a box and end up with something really beautiful. You can use these fabric-covered boxes to store anything from craft supplies (which, of course, you just bought for this project!) to photos, memorabilia, DVDs, jewelry, winter hats and gloves during summer, or summer clothes during winter. Once you know how to make fabric boxes, you’ll have the chance to store anything you wish, in style.

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