How to Throw a Housewarming Party

Are you a first-class, excellent best friend—the kind who helps your friends when they need it most: on moving day? If so, when it comes to throwing an epic housewarming party, you’re off the hook. Call up your pals who said they would “love to help with the move” but had to… work, cook, plant a tree, babysit, try Reiki for the first time, or run a marathon on the very day of the move. Yep, one of THOSE friends can organize the big move-in party.

And for that fair-weather friend (you know who you are), here are some tips on how to throw an amazing housewarming party.

  1. Set the date and invite everyone you can think of to the party. If your pal has moved to a new place close by, you are in luck. Just round up the gang. If the move was to a different state, I see a plane ticket in your near future. When you get there, canvas the apartment complex or cul-de-sac and invite your friend’s new neighbors.
  2. Set up a full bar. That’s right: full. Here’s a good time to take care of your housewarming party gift—a quick trip to Crate and Barrel for a martini shaker and some cool glasses. If you don’t know a thing about mixing drinks, here’s your guide.
  3. Buy plastic cups and plates. On the surface, this looks like a thoughtful gesture for your friend who has been so busy with his cool new job that he hasn’t had time to unpack. But you and I both know he didn’t have a lot of stemware to begin with.
  4. Hors d’oeuvres can be fun. Here are tips for delicious snacks that are pretty easy to make.
  5. Set up a gift guide. OK, this might be over the top but who knows? Your friend may score some cool gifts. Set up a “registry” at Target for your friend’s new home. (Be sure to add an airbed for when you visit!)
  6. Put on some music. Here is a list of moving songs to play during the party. I think the very best is #4, “Hit the Road Jack.”
  7. Play some party games. For breaking the ice, there’s always Twister. But to warm things up a bit before matching body parts and colored dots, try this one: “What I love about my city.” Ask everyone at the party to write down a favorite thing about his or her hometown. You (the host) read each one and have the party-goers guess the person and town. (If you can add a drinking element to this, it will be especially fun.)
  8. Incorporate a green element. By green, I’m not talking about that green! I mean plants—herbs, cacti, whatever. You can set up a planting station and invite your guests to plant seeds or sprouts. It’s one way to get everyone involved in planting the seeds for a great new place.
  9. Gather up takeout menus. This is a cheap and easy gift! Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood and gather all the takeout menus you can find. Who knows, if the party goes late these might come in handy.
  10. And finally, don’t forget about Fido. If your pal has a dog, you can make the move a bit easier with a gift certificate for That way, when your friend meets a special someone at the epic party you planned, you won’t be in charge of watching the dog during their first date.

A list like this makes moving look pretty good.

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

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