Going Green in 9 Simple Steps

Earth Day is every day. OK, not really, but despite what Kermit said, it is easy being green. If you’ve been thinking about taking the next steps in “going green,” today is the perfect day to change your life and change the world—that is, with a few simple steps, you can make a difference for the planet.

Here are nine easy steps to being more earth-friendly and eco-conscious. In an organic nutshell: going green.

  1. Get serious about recycling. Most cities and towns across the U.S. offer curbside recycling. But what about when you are not at your curb? Are you tossing water bottles out the window of your hybrid car? Don’t do it. Carry a (brown paper) bag in your car or truck for your recyclables. Once a week or so, you can transfer them into the big blue container at your apartment complex.
  2. Avoid recycling by minimizing waste. An easy step: BYOB. Bring your own bag when you shop for groceries. I like the bags that fold up into impossibly small versions of themselves, even though I rarely fold them up.
  3. And speaking of shopping, go vintage. With a very few exceptions, there are lots things you can buy used to reduce, reuse and really recycle. Clothes are just the tip of the thrifty iceberg; vases, picture frames, and of course Halloween costumes can be found for a great price.
  4. Ride your bike. Even if you didn’t buy that bike at a thrift shop, it’s eco-friendly. Take it on the weekends to get groceries or meet your friends for organic coffee.
  5. Wear your clothes a few times before you clean them. Whether you choose laundry, hand wash or dry cleaning, stretch it out a bit and see if you can wear that jacket another month before cleaning it. It’s called a “rugged look.”
  6. Go green in the kitchen. This is easy: turn off the water when you’re not (really) using it; and ditch the bright-colored dishwashing liquid and go with something earth-friendly, like Seventh Generation. (And if you’re inspired, you can skip the disposable sponges and make your own.)
  7. Go green in the shower. You’ll feel better, I promise. Skip all that nasty scented stuff and just wash with the basics. I like my basics from Vermont.
  8. Go green in the laundry room. Wash in cold water, and get rid of dryer sheets once and for all. Here are six alternatives.
  9. Have you thought about composting? OK, I haven’t either. But, I do have some friends who compost. And on their behalf I asked my local coffee shop to save a bucket full of coffee grounds every week. Hey, it’s good for the soil.

What’s good for the soil is probably good for the soul… and definitely good for the planet.

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

Conna is a writer, editor and aspiring filmmaker. She's into DIY, upcylcing and macrobiotic cooking. She lives in Monterey, California, with a yellow lab named Daisy.
Conna Shannon

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