What to Do With Moving Boxes After the Move

All the boxes are finally empty. You’ve finally gotten everything unpacked. You have found a place to store or display all your possessions. There is only one thing left to deal with – what to do with all those moving boxes.

Do you just throw them away? Of course not! There are plenty of other options for handling these leftovers from the move.

Brian Jamesson of Xpress Movers gets asked this question a lot. Here are the suggestions they give their customers:

What to Do With Your Cardboard Moving Boxes

Recycle them. Set apart for recycling all the cardboard boxes that are broken, too worn up or excessively dirty to be used again. Learn where the closest recycling center is and visit it when you’ve gathered enough recycling materials.
Keep them. Don’t make the mistake of throwing away moving boxes in good condition. Have you already forgotten how difficult it was to find sturdy moving containers? Keep the reusable boxes as a convenient way to store the items you won’t use right away in your basement or garage, or preserve the good containers for your next possible relocation, especially if you expect to move houses once again in the foreseeable future.
Give them away. If you think that you won’t be needing the packing boxes soon and you can’t seem to find any suitable storage space for them, you can do the right thing and give them away to people who will surely put them to good use. Post a message on your preferred social network that you have good moving boxes to spare and there’s a high chance you’ll end up helping a friend. If nobody responds to your charitable call, then you can list the boxes on Craigslist and assist a stranger in need.
Sell them. Speaking of Craigslist, maybe you’d like to pocket some cash out of your moving containers if all the options above just don’t work out for you. Remember that there’s no right or wrong decision here, and the ultimate goal is to get rid of your moving boxes as fast and easily as possible.

Of course, cardboard moving boxes aren’t the only types of moving containers people use. Custom crates are occasionally necessary for your specialty items. Brian, from Xpress Movers offers this advice for those types of custom packaging:

“If you possess a number of packing supplies of extremely high quality such as custom made wooden crates or reusable and eco-friendly plastic boxes, then you should keep them regardless of whether you plan to move again soon or not. Such moving containers are not only expensive but they are also hard to obtain, so think twice before hastily deciding to discard their utmost protection and unmatched overall usefulness.”

Don’t wait until after the move to decide. Make the decision of what to do with the moving boxes ahead of time, as a part of your moving plan. It will lessen the unpacking stress.



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