Choose the Right Packing Materials for the Job

Packing for a move is never a fun job. At the same time, spending a little extra time to do the job right can mean the difference between preserving your valuables and opening a box of broken fragments when you arrive. It is important to know how to properly pack your boxes and the appropriate packing materials to use for different items.

Types of Moving Boxes

For many people, taking a trip to local grocers and liquor stores has become the standard means of acquiring the cardboard boxes they need for their move. Unfortunately, this option does limit you on the sizes and shapes of boxes available. Purchasing your moving boxes from a packing supply company, your moving company or a self-storage company will offer you a more specialized selection.

Wardrobe boxes have become a popular choice in specialty moving boxes. These boxes come with a hanging rod so you can take your clothes directly from the closet and hang them in the box. No worries about crumbling your favorite suits. When you arrive at your new home, simply open the wardrobe boxes and transfer the clothes into your new closet.

Renting plastic moving boxes instead of using cardboard boxes can also provide savings in many ways. These moving boxes will not break, not matter how heavy the load. They also stack easily and securely in a moving truck. There are several companies who will deliver the boxes to your door before you move and then pick them up again at your new location. No hassle about what to with all your empty moving boxes.

Packing Materials for Fragile Items

Most people understand the importance of using additional packing materials around your fragile items to keep them from jostling around in their boxes. The question is what type of packing materials should you use for these important items. Using sturdy boxes like plastic moving boxes is a good start. This prevents the type of damage that can come from stacking cardboard boxes on top on one another.

Before putting your fragile items in the box, they should be carefully wrapped in paper or bubble wrap to protect them. Although newspaper is often used, it isn’t the best choice. Newspaper ink easily transfers to other items, including your hands and the items they are used to wrap.

Stan from American Self Storage of Ocala reminds us to line the box with bubble wrap prior to placing your carefully wrapped items in the box. Then fill the voids with additional packing materials to keep the items from shifting during the move.

For those irreplaceable art items, Bruce Tang, Director of Art and Antiquities for RoboVault gives the following tips:

“Materials used to pack artwork need to be able to handle extreme temperatures, air qualities, shock and vibrations that can alleviate damage during transport. Enough support within a shipment can be the difference between valuables arriving safely and arriving destroyed. A foam material can provide safety and insulation but also keeps the package forklift accessible.”

When transferring your possession from one location to another, you want to make sure it is done right. Nothing can be more devastating than to go to all the work and expense of packing and shipping, and then open a box and find your most treasured items destroyed.

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