Low Stress and High-Tech Packing

For many, packing is a nightmare, and desire to avoid it influences some costly decisions, such as hiring expensive packing companies or choosing to stay at a not-so-great location.

And while “I hate moving” is a frequently used phrase, in reality, most people don’t hate the moving so much. They hate the packing.

Who can blame them? Hours and hours of stacking and reorganizing, trying to make sure nothing will break on the truck and attempting to create at least some kind of “system,” often with very little luck. Then there’s the task of actually moving in and finding the items you packed. It’s exhausting!

But it doesn’t have to be. When done right, with well-developed and executed plans, packing can be a breeze.

According to Audra Hamlin, director of public relations at Trusted Few, the nation’s leading network of homeowners and home service professionals, a few simple steps can lead to a large cutback on packing stress.

First, she suggests cleaning house prior to packing.

“This will help you have clutter-free spaces to pack, and the items will be clean when you arrive at your new home,” Hamlin explained.

Additionally, Hamlin stresses packing valuables and breakables first, rather than moving from room to room.

“This limits the number of boxes that require special care,” Hamlin said.

Utilizing reusable containers for seasonal items also helps with future storage, she said. Pack once, then don’t worry about unpacking until you reach a need for the items next season.

Jaclyn Lambert, outreach specialist at HireAHelper.com shared some additional tips.

When filling a box, she said, pack a few large items, and finish off with small, light items.

“Aiming to have a mix of heavy/light in every box ensures that no box will be too heavy,” Lambert noted. “Finally, make sure each box is filled tightly, to avoid shifting around.”

Modern technology can also help to make some major improvements on your packing and moving process, at least according to Nick Lucs, owner of digital company WhenIWork.

“One of the easiest ways to keep track of your packed items is to create QR codes for each box,” Lucs said. “Every time you scan a box with your phone, you’ll see the list of items that are in it.”

As a result, people have no need to dig through or re-tape boxes.

Lucs said he prefers to use http://www.qrstuff.com/, although the are hundreds of QR creation sites, most of which are free.

For a small fee, smart-phone apps like Moving Van or Moving Day provide a similar service to Lucs QR option, and they’ll even help in other ways like creating packing and moving to-do lists or estimated the weight of boxes to provide a more accurate cost of moving estimate.

So with high-tech options and extra tips to make packing stress free, the process merits far less dread than it once did. In fact, it seems fairly easy.


Melanie Hess

Melanie Hess

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