What to Do about Your Sock Drawer

Today, because I was in an excellent mood (and in a hurry to use the dryer) I sorted out my youngest brother’s socks. It was remarkably easy because—with the exception of one pair of souvenir socks celebrating his favorite baseball team—my youngest brother has about 30 pairs of identical socks. Clearly, he got the pragmatist gene in the family.

If you’ve got more than two styles of socks, chances are they are all thrown together in your sock drawer. And, if you’re like most people, you’ve just about had it with all those singles hanging out there. If you’re spending more than 60 seconds each morning looking for a matching pair of socks, it’s time to clean out that drawer and save your sanity.

The hardest part of cleaning out a sock drawer is dealing with the singles: the one sock of a pair that has been lingering around, mate-less, for a while. For some reason, I seem to lose half of only my favorite pairs. My theory on this is that I wear the favorites most often and so, mathematically speaking, they are more likely to get lost than those pack-of-socks that my mom gives me every Christmas (sorry Mom). As a result, I’ve got some fancy socks that have gone missing… they are out there somewhere, probably mingling with other cashmeres and silk blends, leaving me to search high and low and to pine for them.

No more.

Missing socks: goodbye. I’m done with you.

It’s easy enough to get a grip on your sock drawer, once you kiss those single socks goodbye. Here are the steps (honestly, no pun intended).

  1. Do your laundry. As you get started on this project, you’ll want to know that any “missing” socks that are stuck in the laundry basket will soon emerge.
  2. Take everything out of your sock drawer and throw it on your bed. Seriously: scoop it all up and move it.
  3. Remove anything that’s not socks. If you’ve got shoe inserts tucked away in your sock drawer, take them out of the package and put them in your shoes. A foot massager? Yeah, that was a wonderful holiday gift. Use it or donate it or sell it.
  4. Get your stuff out of the laundry. Check your laundry for socks and incorporate these into your sorting process.
  5. Put like with like. Match up the socks with their mates and roll them up in the way that suits you. Did you know that there are at least four different ways to fold socks?
  6. Repurpose the extras. It’s time to say goodbye to the singles. You can use them to wax your car or donate them in the quest to research weasels (hey, I don’t make this stuff up!).
  7. Everything that’s left goes back into the drawer. It’s really that easy.

There, I’ll bet you’re feeling relieved. No more searching for that elusive missing sock. And if you find it, hey… there’s always the weasels.

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

Conna is a writer, editor and aspiring filmmaker. She's into DIY, upcylcing and macrobiotic cooking. She lives in Monterey, California, with a yellow lab named Daisy.
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