Running an Effective Garage Sale: Setting the Stage for Sales!

Garage Sale Picture

Sometimes you simply have too many things. This happens to all of us, as a good chunk of life is getting more possessions. Whether it’s that new furniture you’ve been saving up for, an ever-expanding collection of collectibles from your hobby, or you simply have too much of everything while moving from a large home to a smaller place. A rummage sale could be a great way to not only get rid of a lot of old items that you don’t need anymore, but to get some solid cash on the side, as well. However, running a quality garage sale involves a lot more than just choosing a date and setting up some tables! Read on to learn the right way to set up a sale and get you the best sale results!

Make Sure to Advertise Well in Advance!

You need to make sure that you give as many people as possible the chance to see your sale. This means putting up fliers around the neighborhood, as well as major roads close by. If you live in a larger town, consider putting fliers up at coffee shops or other local gathering spots. In the morning on the day of the sale you may want to put up yard signs at major road intersections and street corners that point towards your sale.

You want to be as easy to find as possible. Don’t underestimate the power of a newspaper listing or a local Craigslist ad mentioning the time and place. These are simple steps that can yield major results!

Cover All the Details

You need to organize what you’re selling well ahead of time, and make sure you have enough tables to set up space to set out everything you’re looking to sell. Don’t underestimate the power of a small sketch pad and some pens. Draw out plans for how you’re going to set up your garage or your tables on that big day. Organize your items to encourage groups to buy. Think about what type of person is more likely to buy each item, and group the items together based on what group is most likely to buy them. This is an easy way to encourage more sales.

An example of this would be placing dishes by little trinkets, decorative odds and ends, or glass work together since the same type of buyer would be interested in these items. Likewise, put the old sports equipment and baseball cards together with “man cave” decorations all in one place instead of spread out among boxes.

Do Your Research on Potentially Valuable Items

Doing your research is critical to making sure you’re not giving away a great deal. Get a feel for your neighborhood. Say you played the Magic card game in college. No one who is into that might show up to the garage sale, making those cards worth only a buck or two. In this situation, going to eBay could lead to a much larger sale. “If you have several similar items, try to list them all at once,” advises Kimberly from Garage Sale Heaven. Kimberly makes a full time living from selling on eBay and has found that group listings often drives up the price on all of the items you are listing at once.

For certain items like old books, paintings, or toys, do a little research and see if eBay might be a better option. Do a touch of research and make sure you’re not giving away products at your garage sale that would be better auctioned off online.

How Do You Determine Rummage Sale Pricing?

Pricing can be a tricky proposition. Early on it’s never a bad idea to go with a slightly higher price than you actually want just to build in some wriggle room for bargainers. Most people will ask about lowering the price before just leaving without a word. Also don’t feel bad about drawing a firm line in the sand. Sometimes people will leave but then come back to meet your price.

Finally, nearing the end of the day consider being a little more flexible if getting rid of stuff is more important than hitting the perfect price for something. Don’t feel like you have to move much before the end of the day, but trust your gut. You know when the price is right and you can always set another sale down the line.