A Junk Drawer for Every Room

I remember reading that every home should have a junk drawer. Let’s take that to the next level, shall we? A junk drawer for every room!

Junk drawers are the busy person’s answer to ultimate organization. After all, what is organization but putting things where they go? Some people use “zones” and some rely on the feng shui bagua. For me, the easiest way to stay on top of being organized is a junk drawer.

The junk drawer has been called “an accidental time capsule, a haphazard scrap heap, a curious box of memories and meaninglessness.”

I like the “time capsule” description, because when I look through my office junk drawer I am taken on a journey back… to baseball games (I can’t seem to part with the ticket stubs–it’s a Red Sox thing), business trips (why do I hang onto my boarding passes, anyway?), and things that seemed like good ideas at the time—the color-coded magnets that never made it out of the package, those tiny post-it notes for marking pages in a book, and a curious number of binder clips. Like clutter, junk drawers are things to be celebrated: repositories of good intentions.

The great thing about junk drawers is that it’s perfectly acceptable for them to be a mess. Oh, sure, you can organize them but that changes the very nature of that one drawer into which you can throw anything.

I recommend a junk drawer in every room:

  • In the kitchen, it becomes a place for things like extra chopsticks from takeout, menus for more takeout, and the ubiquitous twist ties.
  • In the bathroom, it’s a perfect spot for travel-size sundries, bobby pins and the last Band-aid from the box.
  • Bedroom junk drawers typically evolve from a top dresser drawer, where everything from spare change to love notes accumulates over time. These are the most personal of junk drawers—a snooper’s paradise.

You might feel tempted to check out the bedroom junk drawer of a new love interest, or maybe that of an old friend or even your siblings. But this is personal space we’re talking about here. It’s kind of like looking into someone’s glove box—the only right time to do it is when you’re asked to by the owner.

Some people actually like to share what they’ve stored up in a special drawer. At The Junk Door Project, you can see what’s hidden away and how the junk drawer curators describe their stuff and their lives.

A junk drawer gives you the freedom to save something for future reference or use, without having to look at it every day. It’s simple, and it gives you a first place to look when you lose a button or need some quarters.

Life’s messy, and everyone can use a place (or two or three) to stow the treasures of everyday living.

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

Conna is a writer, editor and aspiring filmmaker. She's into DIY, upcylcing and macrobiotic cooking. She lives in Monterey, California, with a yellow lab named Daisy.
Conna Shannon

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