Valet Service – The New Self-Storage Business Model

The self-storage business model has always been focused on providing convenience to the customer. They have 24/7 access to the possessions they store in their self-storage unit. They can drop things off and pick them up at their leisure, the full do-it-yourself mentality. It’s worked well for decades. But even self-storage is being affected by society’s “I want it now” mode. With everything only a click away, having to load and haul possessions to your self-storage unit seems almost archaic. That’s why you’re seeing a variety of valet style self-storage business models popping up across the country.

Pick Up and Delivery From Your Storage Unit

This business model is a simple evolution from the standard self-storage business. It simply adds pick up and delivery options for its customers. Instead of hauling your winter sports gear to your storage unit for the summer, you simply call the self-storage company’s office and request a pick up. It saves the customer time and the hassle of trying to find the right vehicle for hauling bigger, more cumbersome items. When you want something from your storage unit, again, you call the storage company and request the item. The company has a ‘map’ of your storage unit to assist them in finding any item requested.

Alan Mruvka, founder of E! Entertainment Television with 30 years experience in the self-storage industry, launched his version of this self-storage business model on the East Coast offering free pickup in New York City and New Jersey. Plans are in process to expand nationally.

StorageBlue entered the self-storage business with a new approach: to disrupt the industry and turn the single worst customer service experience into a painless and convenient one. We’re raising the bar in the storage industry, from actually picking up each customer’s belongings from their home to stacking them in their self-storage unit, ourselves. We like to say ‘From you to unit, seamlessly’.”

In addition to the valet pick up service, StorageBlue also offers a wider range of storage size options. You can rent a space as small as a closet or as large as an oversized garage. The smaller options were specifically designed to meet the needs of urban dwellers who just need that little extra closet space.

Valet Self-Storage – There’s an App for That

With smartphones becoming the standard in handheld devices, one rising star in the valet self-storage business model is delivering the ultimate in convenience. They’ve created specialty apps to draw in the tech savvy generation. The technology is only one small aspect of what makes Storrage unique from other business models.

“Most of our customers are space challenged, but don’t have enough to fill a typical storage unit,” says Terry Drayton, Founder and CEO of Storrage.

Instead of renting their own individual storage unit and paying for a lot of empty space, Storrage customers only pay for the amount of space they fill. Storrage partners with local self-storage facilities, renting units and filling them with their customer’s boxes or items. They pick up the items from the customer and deposit them in a secure storage facility. Everything is organized warehouse style so that when a client requests delivery of stored items through the Storrage app, it can be quickly located and delivered to their doorstep.

The Storrage app also keeps a full inventory of a customer’s items with pictures, so there is never any question as to what items remain in storage.

“Rather than competing with traditional self-storage, we want to partner with them,” Drayton explains.

The self-storage facility increases their ratio of rented units, while being able to offer customers a high-tech, high-convenience experience. It’s a true win-win-win, situation for storage facilities, Storrage and the customers.


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