Baseball Card Storage Tips

25 April 2015 by

There’s a reason a large number of people stubbornly hold onto the idea that The Sandlot was one of the greatest movies ever made. There are a few things you should never take away from a boy, no matter how old he gets. Right after a boy and his dog comes a boy and his baseball cards. There’s a special passion and love that comes with collecting cards of your favorite players or teams. Many collections not only represent valuable collectibles that are worth money, but they also represent countless hours of time, study, and dedication to building and maintaining the collection. There’s just something personally devastating about finding out some or all of your cards have been damaged.

The good news is that proper baseball card storage isn’t hard. There are several very easy steps you can take in order to make sure your collection stays safe even during long-term storage.

Think about the worst case scenarios

The best way to understand how to take care of your baseball cards in a storage scenario is to think about the worst case scenarios. With outdoor storage the worst case scenario would be somehow having water come in from the ceiling or roof or from flooding water or set water coming in from the ground. This is an extremely unlikely scenario, but if damage is going to happen while your cards are in a storage unit, chances are something unlikely may have happened.

The best way to keep your cards safe is by making sure your cards are off the ground, and the second thing to watch out for is to have a tarp or some type of waterproof shielding over the top of the containers holding the cards. While this is most likely overkill, it’s the best way to avoid the most likely of unlikely problems. Better safe than sorry.

Carefully store the cards themselves

Even cards in storage should be kept in solid plastic in order to protect them. No two baseball cards should be in the same plastic pocket in a sheet, since two cards back to back like that can cause them to degenerate a little bit over time. If you have individual cards as opposed to buying an entire box set, it’s important that each individual card has protection, especially if they are some of your most valuable individual cards.

You never want to put the cards right on the floor. Make sure your boxes and books of plastic sheets are in good containers themselves and not just out in the open. A plastic storage bin is an excellent choice since this offers an extra layer of solid waterproof and even rodent protection to make sure your collection stays in mint, or at least near mint, condition.

What to watch out for

Climate controlled storage units are never a bad idea, especially in extreme climates. Your biggest dangers to your cards in storage are moisture, direct light, and pressure or weight. The direct light isn’t going to be an issue, and the pressure or weight can be dealt with by smart stacking and smart storage. This leaves moisture, and in harsh semi-tropical climates that can actually be an issue. This is where it may very well be worth a few extra bucks to go with climate control to make sure those rookie cards stay in mint condition!