How Secure Is Your Self-Storage Facility?

Security should be at the top of the list on a self-storage checklist. This is true whether you’re the renter of a self-storage unit or the owner of a self-storage business.

Brendan Connies-Laing, Director of Easystore Self-Storage, gives this advice to other business owners: “It’s vitally important to invest in high quality security equipment for your commercial property. Security measures such as a high, reinforced fence, cameras and alarm systems are all essential.”

Is the Perimeter and Entrance Secure?
The first step in creating a secure self-storage facility is securing the perimeter and entrance to the property. A tall, reinforced fence is the initial defense in keeping unauthorized individuals off the premises. Keeping the entire grounds well-lit is the second. The drive-thru entrance offers another critical component to perimeter security.

You’ll find that there are a variety of different gate types and security measures used at self-storage facilities. Gates may slide, lift or swing to open. One of the most popular means of securing access through the entrance gate is the use of a security keypad. Each storage unit renter is provided with a digital code they must enter to open the gate. This creates a record of each time a renter’s code is used to access the facility. Some keypad systems ask for the code to be entered both upon entrance and exiting the gate. Other systems require the code only when entering and allow exit via motion detectors at the gateway.

Cameras and Alarms
Cameras and alarm systems serve a dual purpose when it comes to the security of a self-storage facility. Their first purpose is to serve as a deterrent to trespassers. Posting signs notifying potential intruders that the facility has video surveillance and an alarm system in place will keep most people on the proper side of the fence. If an unauthorized person does attempt to breach the perimeter of the facility, the triggering of an alarm could frighten them away or result in apprehension by the authorities. Likewise, video camera surveillance helps alert owners to suspicious activity and identify trespassers.

Connies-Laing from Easystore has some additional advice about using cameras and alarms to secure a self-storage facility. “The most important thing to do is make sure that you have a monitored CCTV system,” he says. “There’s no point in just having an alarm at your property, if you don’t have the camera footage to back it up.”

He also recommends investing in a digital recorder with a large capacity; otherwise, you won’t have the quality you need to see the details of intruders to your compound, when it comes time to review the video.

Securing Individual Self-Storage Units
Once thieves gain undetected access, through whatever means, their target is generally going to be the contents within the individual storage units. In most storage facilities, renters supply their own locks for the doors of their units. Disk locks and cylinder locks are more difficult to cut with bolt cutters, keeping your unit more secure. Another good tip is to store your most valuable items towards the back of the unit. Thieves are generally in a hurry and will grab the items of value that are most accessible.

The most secure self-storage units will be those that have alarms attached to each individual storage unit door. This additional layer of security is a big investment for the owner of the facility, but can pay off by attracting the level of client seeking this higher standard of security.

“Break-ins will always cost you more than the initial pay-out on security systems,” Connies-Laing reminds us. A secure self-storage facility offers peace of mind to both the renters and the owners of the facility.

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