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19 April 2015 by

We all have to do chores, so why not make doing them exceptionally cool? You’ve heard the expression “Dance like nobody’s watching” (and I do not recommend that you do so, ever). I’d like to introduce a new expression: “Mop like a millennial.”

Millennials like things that are trendy and start with a small letter. Think: iAnything. Here’s one that I found this week, as I was searching for how on earth to make mopping cool enough to write about: the e-cloth.

What is the e-cloth? At first I imagined a cloth that mapped my cardio while I was cleaning—via my Apple Watch, of course. But I think the real e-cloth is even better. In this case, “e-“ stands for “environmental.” And the cloth boasts about a million or zillion fibers that will practically clean your floor for you.

(And I thought Swiffer® was pretty awesome.)

The e-cloth comes to us from England, where I imagine there are some quite dirty floors. Here’s a video about it, complete with a narration by someone with a snappy British accent.

This new-fangled mopping tool uses no chemicals. It can be washed 300 times and still maintain its ability to clean 99% of bacteria from just about any flooring surface.

And the great news is, you don’t have to go to the UK to find it. Amazon carries the e-cloth and all its accoutrements. Sure, it’s a little on the pricy side but not compared to buying a new box of wet or dry floor sweepers once a year—I mean, every time you want to mop.

And now a bit about mopping in general.

I take the once-over approach: give the floor a good once-over now and then—typically when I’m having people over for the first time. And the more once-overs I do, the more likely I am to catch what I missed the previous time.

Start by opening the windows. It has nothing at all to do with mopping but fresh air might get you in the mood to clean. Then move everything that’s on the floor out of the way… to another room, outside if you can, or onto a table. Give the floor a good sweep and then bust out your e-cloth or Swiffer® or—in you’re not only a millennial but also a hipster—a handmade mop cover from Etsy. (Honestly, I couldn’t make up this stuff.)

Go with the least amount of chemicals possible. If you can scrub your floors based on might alone, you’re taking care of your home, your body and the environment. Need a little boost? No worries, there are all-natural floor cleaners you can make at home.

There’s really no need to dry the floor (who has the time?). And unless you have an old-fashioned bucket mop, there’s nothing to clean up once you’re done mopping the floor.

You see, it really is cool to be clean and green. Your floors will shine and you will eliminate dust and whatever else might be dirtying up the ground you walk on, sit on, and dance on every day.

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

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