Too Much Junk in the Trunk?

You may have panicked when a friend asked, “Hey, can I throw these bags in your trunk?” Sure, you were happy enough to drive your pal to the airport—that’s what friends are for, after all. But open the trunk of your car? No way.

So you tell your pal, “Oh, go ahead and throw that in the back seat!” Underneath your cool exterior, you fear that moment when the jig is up, the party’s over. There is junk in the trunk (of your car) and just thinking about someone seeing it makes you feel nervous.

The trunk of your car… such a perfect place if it were reserved for day trips to the beach or a weekend of visiting antique stores. But no, your trunk is so full that you fear the moment someone opens it. First, there’s the embarrassment: all that stuff you have been carrying around for ages, no doubt reducing your MPG. Then, the judgment: what are you doing with a fondue set and a bunch of Halloween costumes in the trunk of your car? Who are you?

Simply put, you are everyman (or everywoman). You’ve got stuff. Maybe you put some things in the trunk of your car thinking that you would put them in your storage unit or sell them at a flea market. You might have been exceptionally busy at the time and put things in the trunk until you had a moment to sort them out. Perhaps you were not entirely sure what to do with the things that your mom gave your for your new place—before you told her there was no “new place” and you had bought one of those around-the-world airline tickets.

At any rate, you have got a bunch of junk in the trunk of your car. Now, what to do?

First step: a deep clean. There has got to be stuff that you could throw away or recycle. So park your car at the edge of the parking lot of your favorite coffee shop. Get thoroughly caffeinated and then be ruthless about your sorting efforts. Anything that is junk goes directly into the dumpster. Are there items that someone else could use? Throw them in the back seat and head to the closest thrift shop. Don’t worry about what you might sell, or might use. This is a time for action.

Are you feeling energized? OK, take what’s left and sort it into a trunk organizer. Chances are, as you get organized you’ll be more tuned in to what you need and don’t need. As the champion organizers like to say: when in doubt, throw it out (recycling is good, too!).

Finally, throw a few things in the trunk of your car that will serve you well. You never know when you will need a gallon of water, an empty gas can, a blanket or jumper cables. And now that you’ve cleared out the this precious space that goes with you everywhere you drive, you’ll be able to find them easily.

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

Conna is a writer, editor and aspiring filmmaker. She's into DIY, upcylcing and macrobiotic cooking. She lives in Monterey, California, with a yellow lab named Daisy.
Conna Shannon

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