How to Store Your Craft Supplies

Crafters everywhere struggle with a common problem: what to do with all that crafting stuff. If you are lucky, you have a craft room—a dream of artsy people everywhere. Even if you don’t have an entire room devoted to your crafty endeavors, you can still find creative ways to store your craft supplies.

The best approach to storing your arts and crafts supplies is the one that works for you. Whether you are storing your supplies in a spare closet or tucking them away in a storage unit, organizing in a manner that makes sense to you will keep your supplies accessible when you need them.

Let’s take a look at a few different approaches to storing your crafting treasures. You can organize by type of treasure, by project or by season.

Organizing by type of treasure.

Why do I use the term “treasure”? Because for those of us who love arts and crafts, the treasure hunt begins with finding the right supplies. And it never really ends.

Imagine every craft item you own spread out on your kitchen table. As you sort them out, you can easily organize by type: tools (pliers, paper cutters, punches, even pots and pans for melting soap or candle wax); parts (jewelry findings, tile pieces, zippers); instructions; packaging (boxes for jewelry, bags for soaps and candles, gift tags for everything you hope to finish before the holidays); and basic supplies from paper to paints to yarn.

Organizing by type of treasure works well if you have all of your crafting goodies in one place—especially if it’s a place that is easy to access—and if you consider yourself a generalist when it comes to making things by hand. When you have your friends over for an evening of crafting, you’ll be all set.

Organizing by project.

This is the way I organize. I put my jewelry-making things—tools, beads, strings, and instructions—into separate containers. I like to use GladWare® because it’s inexpensive and easy to stack. Then I put those containers into a box and simply mark it “Jewelry.” Since doing this, I have saved a ton of money by sticking to a simple routine: before I buy any jewelry supplies (and crafters: you know how tempting the bead aisle can be!), I first take a look in the box to see if I can make what I want without making another purchase at my local craft store.

In addition to my jewelry-making stash, I have containers for soap-making, card-making, book-making and something I affectionately refer to as “found object sculpture” (also know as “anything goes!”). When I’m feeling crafty, I simply grab a box (from my closet or my storage unit) and get busy.

Organizing by season.

For the most organized among us, there is organizing by season—that is, putting things that pertain to a certain holiday or time of year all in one place. I can only dream of being this organized! However, I love the concept: 12 different containers filled with a month’s worth of projects. Imagine grabbing your Christmas container in July, and crafting those beaded ornaments in a leisurely manner, with time to spare.

Well, a crafter can dream.

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

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