Six Things to Never Put in Storage

We’ve all been there: you’re moving, traveling or for some other reason packing things into your storage unit. While you may be thinking, “Anything goes,” when it comes to your storage unit there are a few things that should never go into it.

Let’s take a look at six things that you should not put into storage and some solutions for each.

Dirty clothes. Of course, you are in a hurry, but those dirty clothes really need to be washed before you put them in storage. Things that smell bad do not magically smell better after being locked away in a dark room. Wash and dry them or bring them along until you find the closest laundry.

Anything damp. No, the beach towel will not dry on its own in storage. When you add something damp (and this includes boxes that you’ve carried through the rain), it will mildew and could ruin other things in your storage unit. This is an excellent reason to avoid using grocery boxes for packing; you can save money on boxes by following this advice.

Fireworks. Did you have a few extra rockets or sparklers after your most recent party? Well, do not put them in storage. They could very easily explode. Why not have a party (preferably not at the storage facility) and use them? You could also give them to someone who is planning a beach wedding.

Legal identification documents. This includes your birth certificate, passport and social security card. These items do not take up a lot of space so unless you are traveling, find a safe spot at home for them. If you are traveling, put them in a safe deposit box or leave them with trusted friends or family.

Hair dye. You may be saving that bottle of hair dye for Halloween, or until you’ve aced your upcoming interview and gotten a job. Don’t put it in storage, though… it can explode (even if it hasn’t yet been “activated” by mixing its two parts together); at the very least it will smell horrible.

Pet food. If you and Rover are hitting the road, and you have a few extra bags of Rover’s food, donate them to a pet shelter. Putting food (unless it’s canned) in storage invites critters of all sorts into your storage unit. Rover won’t mind if you give the food away, as long as he doesn’t see you do it.

Keep your storage unit clean, dry and free of surprises!

Conna Shannon

Conna Shannon

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