Better Utilize the Space in High Traffic Areas of Your Home

29 March 2015 by

SSF_TrafficOften the problem with storage isn’t that you don’t have the space. It’s that space gets used up improperly and areas that could serve a purpose for storage get overrun by excess decorations and underutilized space.

If you find that décor is robbing you of your natural storage space, replace and reuse the areas in your home better by introducing a few new elements into your high trafficked areas.

Clear Décor From Closets

There is only so much surface space in your home and you may have found that picture frames, silk plants and knick knacks end up in storage because you have run out of other places to put them.

Instead of throwing away attractive decorations and eating up storage with items that should be on display, create new opportunities to decorate your home and open up your stow away spots.

Using floating shelves, the space above your cabinets, and the extra space in entertainment centers and bookshelves, you can put all of your décor on display and free up more of your storage.

DVDs and Blu-ray’s should be tucked into a drawer so your entertainment center can be a place of beauty. Floating shelves can be placed virtually anywhere so that your knick-knacks can get off the ground. Use wall space above windows and the often ignored walls that neighbor your stairs.

De-clutter Your Living Room

The living room can be the biggest disaster zone in your home. It gets the most traffic and can collect everything from toys to blankets to media to shoes. And while you may not be able to rid yourself of all these items, you may be able to tuck them away more easily and discreetly.

“We have learned to get furniture with multi-functions, such as an ottoman that is also a storage container, which is excellent for extra blankets and pillows,” says Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell of Living Large in Our Little House.

If there is a way to get more out of the furniture that takes up space in your home this can be a great way to decrease clutter.

Even if you’re not interested in purchasing new furniture, you may be able to introduce attractive baskets and storage bins into your home that can fit neatly under coffee tables, end tables and sofas.

Finding storage areas in your home, displaying your decorations proudly and removing clutter in busy areas can be an easy and affordable fix. Find the hidden gems of space in your home that can make a big impact on even the smallest spaces.