A Quick Tip for Storing 5 Common Items

18 March 2015 by

shutterstock_156280898Storing can be a complicated endeavor. Finding the right facility, picking the right unit size and then deciding what will go in takes some planning. Sometimes though, you just need a fast solution for storing your belongings.

For common storage items, here are some quick tips for putting your possessions away safely and fast.


Probably the most common item to be put away and brought back out again, your season décor does the most moving of your stored items. Instead of watching your cardboard boxes deteriorate before your eyes every year, make a vow to switch to plastic the next time you pull out your trinkets.


Whether you are putting away your winter wear or simply stashing baby clothes until the next member of your clan comes along, if you’re keeping all your clothes in the closet all the time, you’re likely running out of room constantly. Instead of hanging everything with care, store clothes that aren’t used all season in boxes or vacuum-sealed bags and put them on a shelf or under you bed.


If you and your family are big fans of shoes you find that plastic shoe racks and your closet floor space get overrun quickly. Repurpose an old dresser and turn it into a shoe haven. You can label drawers for each family member and reserve spots for particularly special footwear.


Whether you are storing postcards from your trip around the world or old photos of your grandmother, paper products are frequently stored, but also the most vulnerable to wear and tear.

“For memorabilia, it’s important that it be stored in a climate-controlled
environment and in a manner that protects it from dust and light,” Stephanie Hackney of PaperCrafter’s Corner.


So many kids get more toys than they could ever imagine playing with and there’s no way they can play with them all at once. In the meantime, storing your toys can be a challenge because the second you put something away, that’s when your little darling wants to play with it. Instead of doing the daily shuffle where you stow cars and blocks and watch the tea set and dolls get put in their place, try rotating your kids’ playthings. Choose a collection of toys to stuff in an attic or storage unit and bring them out when your kids tire of their existing set of toys.

Get things cleaned up and put away safely during your spring cleaning frenzy.