4 Opportunities to Refresh Your Home for Spring

11 March 2015 by

Springtime isn’t just about cleaning the dusty corners of your home and ridding yourself of excess belongings. It should also be an opportunity to create a renewed atmosphere. Clean is a great start, but making your home feel fresh can bring an added layer of comfort.

Once you’ve tackled the grime and clutter, take the opportunity to add brightness and warmth to your space with these simple, but impactful changes.


Your walls are likely one of the last places you consider needing seasonal attention, but they make a real impression on your environment. One great way to spruce up this vertical area in your home is by removing all of the hanging décor and clearing them of any dust and debris.

Once you’ve removed the pictures and sconces for cleaning, take the opportunity to add a deeper sense of renewal by applying a fresh coat of paint. A lighter color or a more balanced hue can make a world of difference even in the smallest of spaces. Scuffs and imperfections will be covered and your walls will have a glossy shine to them.


Another commonly ignored space in your home is one of the places you spend the most time. Because bed coverings can be washed and reused over and over again, many people go years without replacing them.

“Toss any old bedding or linens and consider buying the best you can afford. Some sleep experts suggest new pillows every two years,” says Julie Kaminski. “Textures within the home, like ultra soft cottons or fluffy comforters, are subtle influencers of mood.”

Make thread count a priority and enjoy the eight or more hours you spend in your home to its full extent.


A house can get dingy and dark easily when there is a lack of color. Paint on the walls or a bold piece of art can add a vibrant feel, but few things add as natural an appearance as a living centerpiece.

Whether you stock fresh flowers in vases, hang herbs in your kitchen or place a silk plant in the corner, plant life can make even the darkest rooms anew.


Candles are often most associated with the colder months and the twinkle of the holidays, but keeping seasonal scents and warm lighting year round can help make a house a home.

Fruity and floral aromas will give your house an all around harmony and keep it smelling fresh even after the spring-cleaning has wrapped up. Most also come in gorgeous pastel hues that give the surfaces of your home a pop of color.

Don’t just settle for clean. When you are disposing of old items and storing your winter wardrobe, look for opportunities to make your house feel refreshed for the warm weather.