3 Ways to Launch into the Spring Cleaning Frenzy

6 March 2015 by

Snow may still be falling, but spring is near and that means it’s almost time to clear out the clutter. Over the cold months, you’ve likely buried yourself in belongings as the weather buried your home in snow.

It’s natural to let your home become a little mismanaged while you are dodging ice roads and entertaining kids during snow days. But a new season calls for a renewed approach to spring cleaning. Start planning for a full take over (or take back) with these tips for launching into cleaning and reorganization.

1. Assess Your Storage Space

It may not be time to cart your excess items out to the curb, but you start assessing your things.

“Spring is always the best time to take stock in what you have in your home or office. Knowing what you have means you know where to find it when you need it and can use and enjoy everything you have,” Alison Kero, owner of ACK! Organizing.

You can wait until April to get moving, but starting making a list of all the places that are being used as storage spaces. Once you have identified each area being used, do your best to summarize what is kept in each space.

Maybe your storage unit housing all yard equipment and your basement is home to holiday decorations. Odds are though, that each space isn’t being used for just one type of belonging.

When you list your spaces and what is kept in them, you can start to see some chaos in the corners. Having everything written down will give you the chance to see some patterns and unearth some new opportunities for organized storage.

Highlight the items that should be kept together and identify the space that would make most sense for them to be stored. Items should always be stored as close as possible to the places that they will be used.

2. Research Your Organizing and Cleaning Options

Is there an unreachable spot in your home that always goes uncleaned? Do you ignore the need for shelving year after year?

Make this the year you tackle the big problem areas by identifying them and looking for the ideal solution for these trouble spots.

Maybe this year you want to go chemical free when you clean. Items like the ToddyGear Smart Cloth can help you ditch paper towels and chemical cleaners.

Perhaps you’ve been staring at that teetering pile of brooms, rakes and mops for too long and you’re ready to get them off the ground with something as simple as a mounted broom holder.

Whatever your trouble area may be, look into easy and affordable solutions that can take care of your problem.

3. Start Assigning Tasks

Believe it or not, not everyone gets as jazzed about spring cleaning as you. It may take a little preparation to get your family ready for the intensity of seasonal cleaning.

Develop a system to ease your loved ones into organization and cleaning this year. Whether that involves rewards, stickers, or just a good old-fashioned list of chores, you may save yourself some stress by going for the long-term play.

If your family knows it’s coming and knows what needs to be done, there is a lesser chance for backlash.

You may not be ready to bust out the rubber gloves and trash bags, but you can make your spring cleaning efforts a little more impactful and efficient by spending the next month kick starting some plans.