Creating More Space with Less Square Footage

25 February 2015 by

SSF_SmallSpaceRegardless of how much square footage you have, it’s common to feel like you have more stuff than space. Over time, you can feel like you’re busting at the seams and that your belongings are taking up so much space that the only solution is to get a bigger place.

Though a larger home can certainly help, it’s not always practical.

Instead of shopping around for a new house, implement a few tactics that can help free up more area in every room.


The kitchen can be a key place for clutter. Whether you were overloaded with wedding gifts or your parents have unloaded every mismatched pot and pan they own on you, it’s easy to operate a kitchen in clutter.

Instead of overstuffing cabinets and maxing out drawer space, take an assessment of your kitchen appliances and supplies.

Do you have multiple items that serve the same function? If you own a food processer and a blender, odds are you could choose one to keep and another to sell or donate. Or perhaps your plastic cup collection has hit an all time high. Really take stock of your kitchen clutter and get rid of the items that are serving similar purposes.


Another huge source of overspill tends to occur in the bathroom. Countless body lotion gifts, dozens of towels, cleaning products and stacks of toilet paper take up counters, closets and cabinets quickly.

Instead of researching a bathroom remodel, look into shelving units for over the toilet and hanging organizers for the linen closet. A hanging shoe organizer can be a great place to store cleaning bottles.


The odd thing about a bedroom is that even though it takes up a lot of space in your home, too often leaves little room for storage. Closet and drawer space usually goes to shoes and clothes. And that leaves little room for anything else.

Two solutions can help you leverage more of your bedroom without taking up additional floor space.


Whether you have books stacked on the floor or a DVD rack taking up a corner, shelving can help get items off the ground.

Under the Bed

“When deciding what to store under your bed, gravitate towards items not often used and items that you might find in your bedroom. It’s easy to forget about your under bed storage, so items that you associate with the area will be easier to remember,” says Marla Kabashima of Maeve’s Method.

Utilizing the space under your bed can open up closet space or just get items put away that have otherwise been exposed.

Before you seek more space in another home, try a few tricks that could free up a lot of area in your home and give you the freedom you’re looking for.