3 Solutions for Storing Shoes

22 February 2015 by

Whether you are single with a slight obsession with pumps or have a few kids who are constantly outgrowing tennis shoes, it can feel like you are running a used shoe store. No matter how many shoe racks you buy or how many walk-in closets you own, shoes can easily start to overtake your home.

If you are constantly tripping on your daughter’s flip-flops or always struggling to find a space for your winter boots, try one of these solutions for shoe mania.

Install Shelves

Have you been surviving on plastic shoe racks that fall apart and get abandoned for a spot on the floor?

Make your solution for shoe storage something a little more permanent. In most walk-in closets, shelves already exist; they just too often get used for something else. If you don’t already have shelves to clear off, putting a few rows of shelves below where your clothes hang can make proper storage for your shoes a little more of a priority.

Ditch the disposable shoe solutions and make shoe storage a more permanent need by installing shelves specifically for your footwear.

Convert Old Furniture

Unlike clothes, shoes have been given the short end of the storage stick. Too often they don’t have a designated place so they sort of end up everywhere. Instead of hoping they will end up in the closet, create a piece of furniture that is entirely dedicated to shoes.

An old dresser makes for a great shoe organizer. You can label each drawer, store socks as well and keep it in a community space like the garage or a foyer.

Make it clear to your kids or housemates that there is a place for shoes and every shoe has its place.

Under the Bed

Perhaps your problem with storing shoes isn’t so much about what to store them on or in, but where to store them.

“A shoe rack takes up quite a large area in a closet. If you are limited on space and especially if you don’t like the look of over the door shoe solutions, under the bed storage is a great option,” says Ginny Underwood of Virginia’s Easy Living Solutions.

Gliding organizers, flat plastic containers and bed frames with built-in drawers can be a great place to keep shoes and utilize an area in your house that isn’t going to take up more space.

Don’t let shoes overrun your entryways and trip you on your way into the garage. Break free of the door hanging shoe storage and flimsy shoe racks and find a permanent place for your footwear.