Making the Most of Space Under the Bed

19 February 2015 by

As a kid, the space under your bed is a great spot to stow away items. It’s a place to hide Halloween candy from your parents, a favorite toy from your siblings and yourself during hide-and-seek. As an adult though, it seems almost irresponsible to put anything under the bed. Why has that space all of a sudden become so forbidden the second you own your own home?

Reclaim the spot below where you sleep and create a storage space that will keep closets clean.

What are your storage options?

When you are using the space under your bed, there are a few options to consider. You certainly don’t want to revert to child-like desire to stuff away little treasures and forget about them, so decide how you want to get the most out of that space.

Custom Bed Frame

There are a number of bed frames that have built in storage beneath the bed. Drawers and cubbies are already crafted to help make organization easy.

Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Vacuum sealing seasonal clothes or linens can be a great way to compact the amount of space bulky cloth takes up, but those wide pressed bags can be hard to find a place for. Underneath your bed could be the perfect spot for those misshapen bags.

Containers and Bins

An easy solution can also be to store items in plastic tubs and boxes. This makes what you store under your bed more easy to rotate and can make finding items that would typically get lost in the attic or under the stairs a little more accessible.

How to make the most of storage space under the bed?

Depending on your bed, you may have a few inches of clearance or a few feet. Regardless, if you would like to get a little more out of the space beneath your king-size mattress, there are ways to increase that area.

“…if need be, raise the bed. Bed risers are widely available for purchase, especially around back-to-school time for dorms, but bricks, cinder blocks and anything sturdy and unlikely to move around will work just fine, too,” says Amy Trager, a certified professional organizer.

If you have limited storage spaces in your home or apartment the spot beneath your bed can be a great place to keep items without stealing square footage from your home.

Everything from clothes and shoes, to holiday decorations, to linens and towels can help give your home a more open feel. A matching bed skirt can help keep your under the bed secret and give your room a clean look.