How to Properly Store Books and Declutter Shelves

5 February 2015 by

For bibliophiles everywhere, where to put your books and how to preserve them is a constant battle. Sure, you could switch to digital and say goodbye to those bound beauties, but for many that’s just not an option.

Whether you’re a collector of rare novels or simply a lover of the written word, finding space for your books and preserving them is essential to every book fan.

Take these tips and find a way to tuck each book away without causing damage or turning your home into a half-priced book store.

Spread it Out

Not everyone has a Beauty and the Beast style library, but that doesn’t mean you have to box and store your beloved books.

Instead of wishing for a room dedicated to books, spread out your collection. Stack your favorite fiction in the entertainment center and display your best non-fiction works in the office. No one says all of your books have to be in one place. Take advantage of different areas and give specific genres their own corner of the hosue.

Stack and Store

If the four corners of your home have been overrun by books and it’s time to let some go (or at least tuck them away) there is a way you should store these items to ensure they stay intact.

Book blogger, Brenda Priddy, is no stranger to book overload. As the founder of Daily Mayo, she has had to deal with her fair share of book storage issues and has a method she sticks to.

“I like to store my books away from direct sunlight. I have several boxes of books in a temperature-controlled closet where I lay them flat and stack them neatly with books of similar size. Placing pressure on the spine or laying the book pages down with the spine up can damage it,” says Priddy.

If you do need to store books, treat them like any other fragile material. Be aware of the natural conditions they will be exposed to, attempt to stack the books in a way that will protect the spine and label the boxes accordingly (possibly with a full run down of the titles inside).

Rotate and Donate

As any book lover knows, there are books you treasure and one-time reads. Even though it can be fun to display the dozens of novels you’ve breezed through, consider rotating and donating the mediocre books you’ve picked up over the years. This will give you more space and also get books into the hands of those in need.

There may be no stopping your love of books, but you can keep them from fully taking over your home.