Should you do a background check on your storage facility?

3 February 2015 by

With technology making so much information readily available, we often forget just how much information is at our disposal. Background checks on people have become a norm for dating, but sometimes, we fail to realize exactly what all we can get history on.

“When seeking a space [you] should check the background of the company. Check to see how many complaints and lawsuits they have,” Charlise Williams of C. Williams & Associates.

Before you commit to a storage facility, do a little research on the company’s history.

Check Reviews

One of the best ways to get to know a company better is to read through their reviews. The company (especially if it’s bad) may not have these reviews on their site, but you should be able to use services like Yelp and Angie’s List to get a sense for the company’s reputation.

Granted, most people post reviews when they have something negative to say, but that’s what you’re looking for right?

See if you can find any common threads within the reviews. Are a lot of people saying their stored items were damaged? Are the complaints geared towards the management team? If there are a number of reviewers complaining about the same issue, odds are this is a trend and not just a disgruntled customer.

Management Change

Often a business’ image can be deceitful based on a change of management. The management team could either be bringing a good reputation to a bad business or a bad reputation to a good one.

Research the company as much as you can, but also see what you can dig up on the management team. They may be bringing something positive or they could make your experience a nightmare.


There are public records available that can really help you determine whether or not a company has been in legal trouble before. Lexis Nexus offers this advice on how to track down the legal issues surrounding a business.

Choosing the wrong storage facility can result in lost or stolen property, big expenses and even legal troubles.

If you’ve done your research and are still unsure about a storage facility, rely on your instincts by taking these final steps:

• Visit the facility during the day AND at night. This will give you a good feel for security and the surrounding area.
• Request to speak with the owner. Oftentimes, sales people can skew what you think of a company. Try to speak with someone in charge and get a feel for the upper management team.
• Ask a fellow customer. If you are touring the facility and come across a customer, see if they will talk to you about their experience.

Don’t put your property and your peace of mind at risk. Do a background on the storage facility and then do some personal digging to see if it is a good fit for you.