8 Tips for Finding the Perfect Realtor

31 January 2015 by

8 Tips for Finding the Perfect RealtorIf you’re looking to sell your house this spring, it can be hard to know how to get started. Finding the perfect realtor is the best first step. Here are some tips that can help.

Ask for References

“An agent should be proud to refer you to their past clients who they have worked hard to gain referrals from,” said Christian Ross, VP/Managing Broker, Village Realty.

Interview two to three agents.

“During the interview, a seller should consider the agent who he feels most comfortable working with and someone he could trust,” said New Jersey Real Estate Agent Kat Quarterman.

Make Sure Your Agent has Market Knowledge

“It’s helpful to have a real estate agent who knows your specific area very well (lives there/is from there) and is very well networked and has great relationships with people in your town,” said Realtor Danielle Schermann.

If they live nearby, that might make it easier for them to show the property personally, she added.

Ask About Their Pricing Strategy

Find out if they do a broker’s price opinion, said Schermann, and if they tend to list true to price or under to attract more offers.

Ask About Their Internet Marketing Strategy

“According to the National Association of Realtors, 90% of real estate searches begin online,” said Ross. “Having an online presence is no longer an option.”

HomeZada co-founder John Bodrozic said buyers will see three to five homes a day, so having a website with pictures of your house that they can revisit is helpful.

“People don’t want to waste their time driving all weekend to physically see homes that don’t find their needs and want. Agents should have an internet marketing strategy that engages buyers online that provides unlimited photo and documents about all the rooms and features of a home. This can be helpful in not only marketing the home before a visit, but also after a visit.”

Ask if the Agent has a Team or Works on his Own

“Does the agent have a team that processes you as a client or is the lead agent hands on (neither is better than another, it simply depends on your preferences),” said Realtor Naomi Hattaway. “If you want to only work with the agent, then having a team that you get handed off to won’t make you feel as though you are a priority.”

 Don’t Overlook New Agents

“A seller should avoid assuming a high profile agent would do a better job than a newly licensed agent,” said Quarterman. “A ‘hungry’ agent will put more time and effort into getting your home sold for the highest price in the quickest time.”

“You don’t need to rely only an agent’s years of experience,” added Hattaway. “Sometimes the best agents are the ones with a fresh take on the industry with loads of energy and time!”

Avoid Show Offs and “Yes Men”

“Avoid anyone who comes in bragging about themselves during the entire appointment,” said Ross. “Don’t you want them to know more about you and your goals?”

Realtor Paul Sian adds that you should avoid realtors who say “yes” to everything you want, as well.

“If they are doing that then they are there just to get the listing and may not care about actually selling. Especially in high traffic areas having a sign in a yard is free advertising. The realtor should show interest and knowledge in how to sell a house.”

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