A Quick Safety Checklist for Self-Storage Facility Locations

22 January 2015 by

SSF_LightingToo often when shopping around for a storage unit, proximity wins. It’s a reasonable purpose behind choosing your unit, but it may not encompass all of the best traits a facility should have.

In a lot of cases, you can find a number of companies that provide the right unit size at the right price. But take into consideration a few additional location-driven options when choosing the best spot to store your stuff. Be a little more selective and choose a facility that is safest for your belongings instead of just the closest.

Lighting and Security

It is very rare for customers to go by a storage facility they are shopping out at night, but it’s crucial for understanding the safety and security measures that your items will be protected under.

In addition to see how the facility is locked up and guarded, it’s important to get a feel for the ambiance at night.

“When you first arrive at a storage facility, it should be in a well-lit location with obvious CCTV cameras and security notices. You should check that the building has suitable working fire systems in place to safeguard your possessions and make sure that there are no fire risks,” says Brendan Connies-Laing, Director of Easystore Self Storage.

Take the opportunity to see a storage facility at night before you decide if it’s the right place for you.

Emergency Station Locations

Consider scenarios that could put your storage unit and belongings in jeopardy. Fire, robbery, vandalism and other threats can occur even in well-secured locations. If the worst should happen, how close are the nearest fire and police stations?

Do a quick Google search to see if responders could be at your unit quickly should an emergency arise.


As Connies-Laing mentioned, you have to be aware of what sort of hazards surround the facility. Fire hazards should be the first thing you look for as he recommended, but there are other threats that you may not consider.

Are there bars, gas stations or other late-night businesses near your storage unit? If so, these types of establishments can bring a rowdy and late crowd that may wander towards your storage unit.
Also do some research on the area. Odds are you know it fairly well because it is nearby your home, but a mile can be the difference between a fairly safe area and a high crime zone. Do a little digging to see if the unit itself has been broken into or if homes nearby have had troubles with burglary.

Picking the right storage unit takes a lot of consideration and the more time you spend looking into multiple facilities, the safer your stored items will be.