3 Unexpected Culprits of Home Chaos

21 January 2015 by

SSF_CulpritThere are the obvious causes for disorganization: kids are home for the summer, you’ve outgrown your apartment, the holidays brought in a new wave of items.

You can plan for scenarios like these and recognize them as they are happening. That makes it easy to correct the mess and straighten out your home.

But there are events and perpetrators that cause chaos you wouldn’t expect. Get to know the lesser-known culprits of disorganization and keep your space orderly even when life isn’t.


That’s right. The bright and shiny emotion consuming your heart is a clutter criminal. You’re going out all of the time. You’re on the phone until all hours of the night. You are simply distracted in a way you weren’t before.

A new relationship can eat up a lot of your time and money. There is good news though. The culprit can also be the solution according to relationship expert April Masini of Ask April.

“If you want him or her to love being at your place, you’ll roll up your sleeves and get organized! An appealing home is a great way to make yourself look more attractive, and a great way to get him or her to want to spend more time at your place,” says Masini.

Let love guide you back to the path of organized and enjoy curling up on your own couch with the apple of your eye.


It seems like such a simple thing. And such an easy material to dispose of, but paper can overwhelm your home. And it’s not just your junk mail that piles up. Important documents and receipts, photos and manuals can be a stealthy predator in your home.

According to media organizer, Christina Sleeper, the daily influx of paper is the number one disorganization culprit in your home. Her company Organize My Media is dedicated to bringing order to paper products like photos and artwork.

Take a quick assessment of your home by simply counting how many storage spaces and surfaces are occupied by a paper product. Odds are you have more paper than you know what to do with and could use some from professionals like Sleeper to build habits that will help organize the constant flow of paper.


Career success is great, but if better pay means longer hours and less energy, your home can quickly crumble into disarray. Achievement at work doesn’t have to mean sacrifice at home. Get a strategy to stay on track.

“Avoid [disorganization] by setting aside specific time on a regular basis to tackle disorganization. Stick to this by having someone help motivate you, avoid procrastination, and act as an impartial judge when deciding what to throw out and what to keep,” says Rob Rebholz of SpaceWays.

Whether this is your spouse or a tidier sibling, the same way an executive needs a personal assistant, you may need a personal organization partner.

There are little chaos causers that can sneak up on you and your home. Be aware of these and be prepared with a strategy to combat these culprits.