The Number One Secret to Uncluttered Decorating

19 January 2015 by

SSF_DecorationThere are too many great ways to decorate your home to limit yourself to just a few chic items. When you go out you may spot a beautiful vase that would look great where a bowl is currently sitting. And then the painting you’ve been eyeing will only fit on the wall next to the dozens of family photos you have hanging already.

So much beautiful décor and so little space!

If you are suffering from a home filled with too many decorative items, there is a solution that doesn’t involve getting rid of your favorite pieces to make room.

“My best advice on how to reduce wall clutter while still enjoying photos and mementos is to rotate the items displayed throughout the year, as many do with Christmas and other holiday decorations,” says Christina Hidek of Streamlined Living.

If you treat everyday decorations the way you would treat holiday trimmings you can give your décor a chance to shine without cluttering your home with knick knacks in every crevice.

The key is rotating systematically.

Determine Seasons

Though it may not be as clear as the difference between regular decorations and holiday adornments, if you have a large collection you may find that some of it will work better at different times of years. Take note of the more vibrant items and deem them as spring and summer décor. Conversely, store the darker items to be reserved for fall and winter.

Old Vs. New

The longer you live in your home, the more you accumulate. With age, items become sentimental, but can take away from a clean, modern look. Instead of allowing the old and the new to clash in the same space, reserve a space for older items that can be a rotating display area for nostalgic pieces without detracting from an upgraded look.

Style Switch Up 

Are you a little country and your spouse is a little rock and roll? When two people move in together, they can clash in terms of home design. Instead of overruling one person or worse yet, blending mismatched styles store one style for a period of time and bring out the other when during a different season.

No matter how beautiful your decorations are, the more you pile up, the less attractive and less noticeable your prized possessions will become. Rotate your décor for a sleek look that allows you to include all your favorite pieces throughout the year.