4 Unexpected Ways to Get the Most Out of Vacuum Sealing

9 January 2015 by

The process of vacuum sealing items is usually associated with food. If an infomercial about “sealing in meat” and “long-lasting veggies” is flashing across your mind you’ve got the right idea in mind.

However, there are so many more uses for this style of preservation that exist outside of your refrigerator. Store more and keep your valuables in good shape by giving them an airtight wrapper.

Paper and Cloth Products

At first it may seem like these aren’t really storage items. For the most part, these are things you keep out around your house on a daily basis, but valuables can be in these flimsy materials and they need to be protected.

“For paper and cloth materials, you will want to put them in plastic vacuum sealed bags so that there is no air. This will ensure the materials won’t be exposed to the elements or at risk of molding,” says John Barry of All-time Self Storage.

Everything from baby clothes to birth certificates to books can be preserved and sleekly stowed by using a vacuum sealer. Even if you’re unconcerned about protecting certain items, vacuum sealing bulky linens and clothes can help reduce clutter in your closet spaces.

Kids’ Toys

Legos, army men, hot wheels, game pieces and Barbie shoes are hard to keep undamaged (and un-stepped on). Often, they are toys that don’t all need to be used at once. Rotate your children’s small playthings so they can enjoy playing with a few and you can avoid a minefield of tiny toys. Vacuum seal sheets of toys and tuck them away into a single drawer to enjoy later.

Supplies in Every Space

Think of all the tiny pieces that lie around your home day in and day out. In the garage there are screws, bolts, nuts and nails. In the spare bedroom there’s craft supplies and holiday decorations. In the junk drawer there spare parts for furniture, dozens of pens and buttons.

Sure you can continue to shuffle things around and shove things to the back of drawers. Or you could put a sealed bag in every room that not only keeps all those tiny trinkets in one place, but also puts them on display in a see-through sheet.

Bug Out Bag 

Now this may not be a commonplace item in every home, but if you’ve studied anything about prepping you know these compact accessories are a staple of apocalyptic preparedness. The key to these survival backpacks is to get as many essentials as possible into a single mobile pack. Using a vacuum sealer, you can fit clothes, food, medication and more for those “what if” scenarios.

Sure a vacuum sealer can keep food fresh, but why not use it for more interesting purposes? Create more space in your home, preserve items outside of the organic spectrum, and possibly survive a zombie invasion.