Safely Store Jewelry Without Losing Sparkle

8 January 2015 by

When we think of storing our items we usually consider the bulky items that take up too much space. Old furniture, yard equipment, recreational vehicles and seasonal gear get put away properly because otherwise they’d get in the way and possibly get damaged.

Small trinkets, however, have a tendency to be shoved haphazardly into a small box and stuffed into a closet or drawer. While your jewelry may not require a whole storage unit (if it does, good for you!), it deserves the same care and attention as any other stowed items.

Make sure you are securing your precious metals and jewels to ensure they stay preserved over time and are just as wearable 20 years from now as they are today.

Storing for Quality

Most people have a jewelry box that they keep their daily-wear jewelry in. For many, these items can range from precious jewels and metals to costume jewelry. While a jewelry box is great for items you are constantly wearing and caring for, throwing antique jewelry and family heirlooms into a little drawer in your jewelry box may not be the best way to preserve their quality.

Instead of keeping your truly treasured items in the mix with all your other bobbles, create a compartmentalized storage container for them. Each valuable piece should have its own space that is lined with cotton or fabric. This will help ensure that time and tousling do less damage to your pieces.

Different items have a tendency to deteriorate in unique ways. Gold, for example can be dented, silver will tarnish and emeralds and opals are incredibly soft gems compared to diamonds or rubies.

Giving all your jewelry their own little space can help ensure they last longer and look better the next time you pull them out.

Storing for Protection

You wouldn’t leave a storage unit unlocked that contains expensive equipment, so why leave jewelry so vulnerable. In the event of a robbery, fire or other household disaster, you want to make sure your great-grandmother’s ring or your father’s cufflinks survive disastrous events.

Once you’ve stored your jewelry individually to ensure quality, you need another layer of storage to ensure safety.

There are two options that usually can cover the gamut in terms of avoiding losing your items to tragic scenarios.

A fireproof safe in your home can serve as an effective way to keep your jewelry secure and nearby. However, if you don’t have a frequent need for the items you’re keeping, a safe deposit box can provide a lot of protection without taking up space in your home.

Storing Temporarily

For some, storing a beautiful piece of jewelry away does not do the heirloom justice. If you want to keep a ring close to you without putting it at risk, a unique new product conceived by a pair of newlyweds can help you do just that.

RingSafe is a clever device that will store a ring on your person without putting it at risk.

RingSafe Necklace copy

“Say you have Dad’s Superbowl ring or Grandma’s wedding band, most folks wish that they could keep this sentimental item with them more often but it might not fit or be quite their style,” says Kirsten Knipp, co-founder of RingSafe, “RingSafe is a cool accessory that can help anyone keep a precious heirloom ring safe and close by.”

Storing jewels and metals sometimes requires even more care than larger items, but is often given less attention. Give your jewelry the same storage caution you give larger items and help ensure that they can be passed down for generations to come.