3 Innovative Home Storage Items You Need In 2015

5 January 2015 by

TrunkiThere are times in every homeowner’s experience where you look at your home and wish you had more space. After spending years in a house, items pile up and find yourself cramming stuff in every crevice you can find.

Sure, you can rent a storage unit and relieve a lot of pressure being put on drawers, closets and attics, but there are a lot of things that need to be put away inside the home. You can’t relocate anything that gets daily use so you have to find an in-home solution.

This year, make more space without relocating your gear to an offsite unit.

Trunki Toy Boxes

Do you have kids toys bursting into every room? Are your kids a little less than organized when it comes to stray trinkets? Make the organization fun for your kids and create space without adding a bulky toy chest.

Trunki is a toy box that the kids can ride. Designed to hold everything from dolls to cars to blocks, this inventive storage container will gather up all the little items your family trips over and still serve as a toy for your kids.


Kitchens can get crazy, but it’s easy to ignore an avalanche of Tupperware or an inaccessible cabinet full of pots and pans. Don’t spend all of this year getting crushed beneath the weight of kitchen chaos.

With a system like the Rev-A-Shelf Two-Tier Cookware Organizer, you can actually get to your pots and pans without sending a tower of them crashing to the floor. This system looks similar to the racks in a dishwasher, but is made specifically for storing your saucepans and skillets.

Over-the-Door 3-Tier Basket Storage

Closets get overrun easily. It only takes a few bed comforters, suitcases, cleaning products and towels before you have maxed out the space you thought would hold so much more.

For the little items you want to put away, but have unfortunately no drawer space for, an over-the-door solution can be an ideal way to get more out of your stuffed closet. Neat and discrete, these little hanging baskets can hold everything from craft supplies to overflowing bathroom products.

One of these inside the door of every closet in your home could easily give 15 or more containers for those tiny miscellaneous items.

You may not be able to remodel your home for a kitchen add on or a spare bedroom, but you can take the space you’re already using and make it more organized and efficient. Enjoy a less cluttered feel and free up floors and drawers that have been overstuffed for years.