6 Reasons “Getting Organized” Should be Your No. 1 New Year’s Resolution

30 December 2014 by

If your home isn’t as neat as you’d like it to be, perhaps you should think about making a new commitment to getting organized in 2015. According to HuffingtonPost.com, “getting organized” was actually one of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions for 2014.

But getting organized is about so much more than cleaning your house. In fact, getting organized can actually help you achieve other goals that might be on your resolution list next year. Other popular resolutions, according to Details.com, include managing stress better, improving a relationship, stopping procrastination and improving work habits.

Here are six reasons from organization, relationship and lifestyle experts for making “getting organized” your No. 1 goal in 2015:

Candyce Walti, certified whole health educator and Feng Shui practitioner

“Our external environment mirrors our internal environment. If your house or office is cluttered and you can’t find things easily, oftentimes your mind and heart are in disarray. If you have trouble sticking to health and wellness goals, like diet or exercise, organizing helps remove the internal energetic stagnation, so you can more easily achieve other goals.”

April Masini, relationship expert, AskApril.com

“Being organized is the baseline for so much else. When your life is organized, you don’t have the stress that disorganization brings, and you can relax and be a better parent, partner, friend and family member. The stress of living an unorganized life is taking a toll you may not appreciate until you actually are better organized. Have better relationships by being better organized.”

Linda Joyce Jones, professional organizer

“The new year is a great time to lighten your load and get a fresh start. It’s time to go through your belongings and start gathering the items you no longer want, use or need by implementing your very own ‘Purge Project.’

“Eliminating clutter can reduce stress and keep you from feeling overwhelmed by being surrounded by too much ‘stuff.’”

Barry Izsak, professional organizer, certified relocation and transition specialist, past president of the National Association of Professional Organizers

“Being organized helps us control the part of our lives that we can. It helps us function better on a daily basis with less stress and increased productivity. It allows us to have the extra time to do the things that really matter and we enjoy. An organized drawer or closet is not the goal … it’s being able to find what we want, when we need it.”

Laurie Neumann, professional organizer

“Studies show the average person wastes an hour a day looking for things. Organization can help save you time and frustration. Having a home for everything makes it easier to find things and makes it easier to put things away.”

Barb Schmidt, author, spiritual teacher

“The material items in our lives have a way of accumulating the same way mental clutter does. We seem to want to hold on to things for sentimental reasons because they bring up memories and good feelings. Sometimes, we actually hold on to things out of guilt or sadness, too.

“Yet, these material items we are holding on to often get stored away in closets, drawers and boxes, and are in no position to be appreciated. In fact, they often make us feel like there is no room for anything and we end up doing the opposition of appreciating them: we resent them.”

If you think getting organized in 2015 is a goal you’d like to set, visit this blog tomorrow for expert tips and techniques on getting started.

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