3 Quick Ways to Clear Holiday Clutter

26 December 2014 by

Now that the season is wrapping up, it’s natural to feel a little claustrophobic in your home. In addition to the likely still present holiday décor, you now also have new items, empty boxes, bags of wrapping paper and leftovers huddled in all of the corners of your home.

Fatigue from the festivities is to be expected, but there are simple ways to clear some clutter without having to spend days undoing the holiday disaster. Get a little relief by implementing these few tricks for clearing clutter.

Reclaim Your Surfaces

There may be a lot of items bogging down your living space, but some light tidying can help you feel a lot better about the mess.

“Clean up surface clutter, and you will feel instant gratification. It becomes visually pleasing to see what was once cluttered now nice and neat,” says Mitzi Weinman, found of TimeFinder.

You don’t have to take care of every tiny detail, but exposing countertops and floors may be all it takes to bring calm to a chaotic environment. Put your platter of cookies in a plastic bag and put the bag in the pantry. Relocate opened gifts to their appropriate rooms and out of the main area in your home. Take little steps and it will make a big difference.

Unpack the Presents

As much tempting as it may be to keep gifts neatly packaged and stacked, this is just going to drag out the holiday clutter. The packaging on all your new items is likely twice the size of the gift itself and will only take up more space the longer it remains boxed.

Enjoy getting an up close look at new toys and trinkets and find a permanent spot for them that will truly get them out of sight.

Relocate Boxes

Odds are you have more cardboard boxes than you can count and they are taking up more room than your furniture. Instead of living with the mess for weeks on end, use a box cutter to start breaking down your recyclables.

You may not be able to dispose of all the boxes at once, but flattening them will certainly get more into the garbage. Whatever is left in between garbage collection days can be stuffed under a bed, tucked inside a closet or even placed under the cars in the garage.

After all the planning, preparation and panic of the holidays, the last thing you want to do is start scrubbing every surface and tucking away the ornaments. Allow yourself some days to recuperate from the festivities without feeling like you are sitting in a disaster zone.