3 Steps to Take After the Holiday Toy Avalanche

25 December 2014 by

Presents have been opened. Bags of wrapping paper are waiting to be thrown out. You meant to reorganize before the holidays, but then the holidays happened. And now you have new toys, old toys, and everything in between.

Fear not. You have not missed the opportunity to find your floor and restore order to your home. Take these simple steps after the holiday madness dies down and reclaim the corners of your home.

Donate Part Deux

Did your first attempt to donate your childrens’ toys hit a few bumps? Maybe your son suddenly decided that old toy was his new favorite. Maybe you didn’t clear nearly as much space as you would have liked.

Despite the fact that the holiday season is over, toy donations are still welcome and it may be easier to see what is disposable when they are parked next to brand new items.

With little kids, you may need to sneak some toys out the door, but older children should join in.

“Take some time and involve your older child in the process so they understand and learn about donating and organizing. It makes them feel proud when they can be generous especially around the holidays,” says Liz Taylor, a professional organizer.

Start Categorizing

Once you’ve removed items from your home, take inventory of the toys your kids have. Kids’ playthings have a tendency to hide in the four corners of your home and it’s hard to know what is where without a little organization.

Break out the toys into categories. Once you have categories that fit almost all the items, determine what categories make up the majority of the toys. Perhaps you have dress up clothes, toy cars, building blocks, and play kitchen items that make up 80% of your kids’ toys. That means that each of those likely needs their own space to be stored.

If the bulk of the items have their own space that you and the kids designate as such, you’ll likely be faced with much less mess and disorder.

Introduce New Rules

With new toys and a New Year can also come new rules. Your children were just bestowed wonderful gifts and it stands to reason that that may also come with responsibility. Let the introduction of new toys bring about some policies the kids can follow to help keep things clean.

Your kids can have fun with their gifts while also pitching in to keep the clutter at bay. Show them where their new toys go and how they should be put away right off the bat and then reaffirm that process throughout the year.

Like most parents you may be holding your head in your hands after the holidays asking yourself why you did this, but three easy steps can help you maintain order while also getting the kids involved in some good habits.