Two Easy Organizing Resolutions for 2015

24 December 2014 by

Love them or hate them, resolutions have become a big part of celebrating the New Year. There’s the usual resolutions like eating better, exercising more and quitting any number of vices. While these are all noble promises to make yourself, they are also difficult to maintain.

This year, make a resolution for your home that you can stick with and create order in your house.

Tackle One Space

We all have that trouble area in our homes – an unruly “junk drawer,” an unused guest room or a horrifying closet. Instead of resolving to reorganize your whole home, choose one area that could use a little extra attention and make it your mission to recreate that space.

If you quickly clean up that one space, challenge yourself to add another, but start the year knowing that you will get just one disorderly corner of your home straightened out.

Let It Go

More than just Frozen song, “let it go” can be your new mantra for the items you keep year after year, but never use. Instead of reorganizing a whole space, decide that you will make an effort to strip your home of excess throughout the year.

If the reason for holding onto clutter is that you haven’t had the time to clear things out, make removal a gradual process. Set up a weekly reminder on your phone to find one old item to get rid of. The individual tasks can take 5 minutes or less, but by 2016, you’ll find that you have rid yourself of 52 unessential items.

If you’re keeping trinkets due to an emotional attachment, you may be able to hold onto the good memories while eliminating the pieces that are hogging space.

“If good emotions are attached, try keeping the memory while letting go of the item. Make this easier by taking a picture and documenting the story behind it before letting go of the valued item,” says Beth Giles, a professional organizer.

Giles also shared a great way to preserve these memories.

“I had a woman who had collected tea cups form her many trips around the world, but no longer had the space to display or keep them. She carefully created a beautiful table setting for each and took a picture. She then created an amazing online coffee table book with stunning pictures and descriptions of her whole collection. She kept the memory of them without keeping the items,” says Giles.

The key to a good New Year’s resolution is making the goal achievable. Don’t let overwhelming organization needs in your home keep you from making a change in 2015.