Should You Store Yard Equipment During the Winter?

23 December 2014 by

If the elements demolish your grass and reduce your trees to limbs in the winter, you may be wondering if there is value in relocating your yard equipment for the season. Lawn mowers, hedge trimmers and other bulky items can take up a lot of space.

Decide if it’s worth relocating these pieces of hardware and find the perfect spot for your unused equipment.

5 Steps for Storing Yard Equipment

1. Determine the number of items that are obsolete during winter.

Some of your equipment may be used less during the cold months. Other items will be utterly useless. You may not want to store equipment that still serves the occasional purpose, so decide what items have been rendered entirely unusable during winter.

2. Decide if the occupied space is worth clearing.

Once you know what you can get rid of you can make a decision if the space it would open up is worth the trouble. If the out-of-use items are taking up very little space, you may just want to consider leaving them where they are until spring. If you find, however, that clearing your yard equipment can open a considerable amount of useful room, then storing the yard equipment is a good call.

3. Know what the cleared space is for.

Once you’ve decided that there is worthwhile space to be unearthed, make a plan for what will be taking its place. Remember, that whatever you store in place of your yard equipment, will need to find another home when the weather warms up. For example, making room for another vehicle in the garage during the winter months is a great reason for relocating yard equipment.

4. Secure all items being stored.

Yard equipment tends to be sharp, delicate and sometimes requires gas to operate. Before you stuff your items away, make sure that they will be safe where they are being kept. Any equipment that is flammable or could injure someone, should be packaged and put away properly according to the manufacturers’ suggestions.

5. Find the place that is best for your items.

Determine where you want to keep your yard items by first deciding if the storage space will be used for anything other than yard equipment. If you have snow items that go away in the spring, you could potentially keep a storage unit all year long and rotate the yard tools depending on the season.

If you are looking for a more temporary solution, you can consider renting a container to put in your backyard during the winter. This will keep your items dry and protected, but won’t take up additional space in your garage or shed. Companies like Containers 4 Sale will allow you to rent large containers and deliver these big storage spaces to your home.

Don’t let new tools rust or your garage be overrun by unused equipment. Give yourself room during the winter without risking your spring yard items.