Making Room for a Holiday Party

11 December 2014 by

Whether your family is rolling into town or you’re throwing an ugly sweater party this season, finding the space in your home to host a large party can be tough. You may have already stuffed your living room with an eight-foot tree or an oversized snowman and now you have to squeeze in a dozen or more people and possibly extra tables and chairs.

So where do you find the room?

Use these tips to unearth more floor space in your home for a seasonal shindig.

Use Another Room

Do you have a room in your home that is underutilized? Maybe it’s the loft upstairs or a stray guest bedroom off the kitchen. Make that isolated area open to the public by bringing an activity into the space.

Whether you put a ping-pong table in there or create a holiday movie room, you can open up the area in your house to accommodate more people by redirecting some to a different spot. Use paper arrows or lights to direct guests to the secluded area.

Move Into the Garage

At a party, people tend to mingle and move around, but the open areas of your home can be squeezed out by large (and momentarily unnecessary) pieces of furniture. Instead of having your friends and family shuffling around a large hutch or a decorative chair, relocate big items to a garage or shed during the party.

This can give you the space you need for a dance floor or a large table for a feast.


If you’re running out of time or the energy to rearrange your house, but you need to clear things out quick get a little help from a company like MakeSpace. They’ll bring bins or boxes to your door and then pick them up so you can get on with your planning.

“Hosting a party is a hectic job, but with MakeSpace all excess clutter will be stored away hassle free, so the host can go about preparing for the party. Each bin/box is photo catalogued so the host will know exactly what is stored and where, and it can be delivered back whenever and wherever needed,” says Catherine Sharkey a spokesperson for MakeSpace.


Finding more space in your home for a party can be a simple matter of relocating your items or redirecting your guests. Don’t allow clutter to keep your friends and family from having a great time at your next holiday party.