Become a Wrapping Warrior this Holiday Season

28 November 2014 by

You know the drill. Every year it’s the same. You can’t find the 200-pack of bows you bought the year before. Wrapping paper you counted on reusing has been crinkled and torn during the year of storage. Tape has mysteriously vanished from the house. And then finally you organize your supplies and have hours of back breaking folding, tucking and taping to do.

This year, overcome the holiday wrapping horrors by creating a fully functional wrapping station that allows you to sort, store and secure all of the present trimmings that make your gifts look gorgeous.

Create a Wrapping Station

A major issue that revolves around holiday wrapping is poor storage of last year’s leftover paper and bows. It can be expensive rebuying these items year after year, but most people do it out of habit.

A wrapping station will not only help you organize the major items involved in wrapping – tape, scissors, paper – it will also help make sure you don’t waste anything due to damage that occurs during storage.

Step 1: Decide if you want your wrapping station to be mobile or a permanent fixture in your home.

If you find yourself giving gifts frequently throughout the year, it may be worth it to dedicate an entire space to this project. A closet or a repurposed dresser can make for a great wrapping station.

If you would like something dedicated just to the holiday wrapping frenzy, a mobile option that you can move from room to room and store at the end of the season may be a better fit. In this case, you’ll likely want something with wheels that you can easily push around.

Step 2: Make a list of what you want to store in the station. This will help you determine what is needed.

For the paper, you’ll want either a tall basket that can safely secure the rolls of wrapping, or you’ll want to affix dowels to the base of your station that can hold the rolls upright.

Smaller dowels are also a great way to store rolls of ribbon. For items like tape, scissors, labels and bows, you’ll want to add drawers or cubbies that will keep them organized and undamaged.

Step 3: Determine if you need your wrapping station to have a dedicated area for wrapping or if you would simply like a place to organize the wrapping items.

Stationary wrapping areas usually have a tall flat surface to make wrapping easier. If you’re only using your wrapping station during the holidays though, it may not make sense to have this bulk added on.

Instead, Lisa Gleeson of Lisa’s Gift Wrappers recommends using a common household item alongside your mobile wrapping station to make the actual task of wrapping easier.

“The easiest place to wrap is my ironing board as I can adjust to sit or stand. I typically use a self seal cutting mat used by sewers to extend the sides of my ironing board,” says Gleeson.

Don’t let the stress of wrapping affect you year after year. Save money and stay organized by making this season the year you create a wrapping station.