How to Clear Out Storage Space Without Emotion

26 November 2014 by

The holiday season can definitely inspire a desire to cleanse your home of excess. As you prepare to invite new items into your house, it only makes sense to create space for them by getting rid of old, unused objects.

But as you start attempting to clear room, you may find that getting rid of unwanted items may not be as easy as it sounds.

When you unearth a sweet stuffed animal with memories of a Disneyland trip attached to it, the urge to purge can grow faint. You still may need the space cleared, but the things you thought you could easily discard are somehow finding a way back into your heart and therefore into your home.

While there are definitely nostalgic items worth keeping, not all prized possessions are gold. Use these two tips from pros to help determine what is truly treasure and what should be removed.

Do you love it?

Stephanie Hackney, a professional organizer asks this question, among many others, when first tackling a project. This is her two-pronged approach to this question:

Do you love this? If not, let it go to someone who will.

Do you love this? If yes, and it was being used or displayed, it could stay. If it was not being used or displayed, we discuss how they would change the situation so the item was being used or displayed.

This simple question alone may be all it takes to determine the usefulness of an item.

Do you interact with it?

Perhaps love isn’t the right way to look at something. You may have use for things you don’t necessarily love. Andrea Boccard of Shleppers, a moving and storage business in New York, California and Florida, thinks this is the key to letting go of excess items.

“If you haven’t even looked at the item in question during the past year, it might be time to toss it. Knick knacks, souvenirs and other potential dust-collectors with memories attached to them often fall under this category. You might have had a great time winning that stuffed bear at the fair but if your best memory of it is fading and you have no use for it, consider tossing it or donating it to a local children’s center,” says Boccard.

It’s easy to fall for an object you haven’t seen in a while all over again and ultimately get nothing done in terms of clearing out a space. Arm yourself with the wto questions above and make some progress.