The 5 Best Places to Hide a Holiday Gift

24 November 2014 by

Maybe you have a snooping spouse. Perhaps your kids are getting craftier the older they become. Regardless of who your recipients are and what you’ve bought them, finding good places to hide those little treasures can become trickier every year.

Closets, under the bed compartments and car trunks are too obvious. This season, make your loved ones wonder if you even bought them anything by stowing their presents in these epic hiding spots.

Storage Unit

If you have a storage unit located near your house, this can be an excellent place to stuff Christmas gifts. Odds are your kids don’t have access to it and if you think your spouse would be unlikely to visit, then it’s an ideal spot for all your purchases.

Even if there is a chance a family member might visit the storage unit, you can disguise gifts in non-descript cardboard boxes that would blend into the scenery.


Everyone owns pairs of shoes and boots that sit in the back corner of a closet, never to be worn again. According to Parenting & Lifestyle expert Jennifer Chung of, this is a perfect place for small gifts.

Snack Boxes

You know those healthy, sugar-free, tasteless snacks you bought months ago that are still sitting untouched in the pantry? While these may have failed as a way to kickstart your families healthy eating habits, they can succeed as great hiding locations for small items.

“If you have a snack that either the kids or spouse absolutely hate, hide smaller gifts in the packaging of those snacks and put them at the back of the pantry. It will never get opened,” says Stephanie Wilson, a single mom of two teenagers.


If you’re staying home for the holidays, odds are your suitcases are going to remain untouched until next year’s summer vacation. Take advantage of these household staples and hide gifts in plain sight.

Out in the Open

Instead of trying to find an obscure corner in your home where no one goes, why not hide the presents for all to see?

“Pre-wrap everything and use a color code for each child, but don’t reveal it in advance. If they find the wrapped gift, they won’t know who it belongs to,” says Chung.

What better way to torture the sneaky sweethearts in your life than to display the gifts right in front of them without them having a clue who it’s for?

The holidays are a time of giving and hiding! Make sure you tuck all those new trinkets in secure places that will keep your family guessing until the moment they unwrap their gift.