How to Maximize Space in a Small Bathroom, Part 2

21 November 2014 by

When you have a small bathroom, organization is key. Even if your bathroom is designed to maximize space, it’s important to keep the items you use the most at arm’s reach. That can be achieved through a variety of organizational techniques that anyone can implement.

Keep Everyday Products at Hand

Once your shelves and other organizational units are installed, Jessica Decker of Become Organized, a professional organizing service in Manhattan, says the most important thing to remember is to keep the products that you use a lot easily accessible.  If your sink has no storage, Decker recommends storing everyday items inside a medicine cabinet or in a basket on the back of your toilet.

Rachael Nichol of National Builder Supply, an online wholesaler of kitchen, bath and lighting fixtures, said another creative way to store toiletries is on a decorative cake stand. This will offer you some countertop space as well as space on the tier above it.

Store Extra Items

Extra items, like toilet paper, Decker said, can be kept outside the bathroom in a linen closet or laundry room. But Nichol suggests extra toilet paper can be stored neatly in plain sight. “Use tall hurricane glasses from the craft store to store your extra toilet paper beside your toilet,” she said. “Bonus, guests won’t have to ask where the toilet paper is in case the roll runs out.”

Use Baskets

Everything in your bathroom can be kept in storage baskets, as well. “Plastic is good in the bathroom because it can get wet, is easily cleaned and stackable,” said Decker. If it’s clear, you can see the contents. Decker uses baskets to keep like items tidy under the sink, on the back of the toilet and on shelves.

Appliances can be stored in baskets as well, or in a specialized caddy that hangs over your toilet rim.

Items you don’t use often can be stored below the sink in a decorative box so when you do pull them out, they look nice and neat on your countertop or shelves.

In the Shower

Use shower head or pole caddies to keep all your bath supplies in the shower. To maximize space in your caddy, use transfer your shampoo, condition and body wash to smaller bottles, especially if you buy in bulk. Most caddies come with hooks to hang loofahs. Decker says that’s a better option that installed waterproof or suction cup hooks because most of them stop sticking after a while.

Sharing the Bathroom

If multiple people are sharing the small bath, designate different shelves and space under the sink for each user. If kids are using the bathroom, hang a net to store bath toys.

Where to Buy

Decker says all these supplies can be purchased at the Container Store, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and Wal-Mart. Bins and baskets may be available at your local dollar store, too. In the end, you can find relaxation in your bathroom without breaking the bank.

For more about designing your small bathroom with storage in mind, read this.

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