7 Tips for Hosting a Successful Holiday Garage Sale

15 November 2014 by

When the holiday season rolls around and you prepare to open your home to new gifts, unloading unwanted items can be appealing and often necessary. If you can make some extra shopping scratch in the as well that’s even better.

With the season of giving (and therefore buying) approaching, it’s the perfect time to unload your gently used appliances, electronics and more. Make the most of the experience by following these tips for a successful holiday garage sale.

  1. Search high and low. Take the garage sale as an opportunity to really clear some space in your home and your storage units. Look beyond the items in a cluttered corner and really try to unveil all the things you could sell.
  1. Advertise in advance. Odds are you won’t be the only person hosting a yard sale this year. Make sure you give potential buyers plenty of opportunities to discover your sale. Bonnie Dewkett of The Joyful Organizer recommends posting neighborhood signs in both directions of traffic, pamphlets in the grocery store and online listings on sites like Craigslist.
  1. Offer a freebie. Everyone likes free. Why not sweeten the deal by offering your patrons coffee, donuts or maybe even a tiny knick knack you’re just hopping to clear out. Not only is there a good chance they’ll hang around and gaze a little longer, they may even tell local friends and family memebers to head over.
  1. Presentation is everything. In the same way you are more likely to buy something off a shelf at a store versus digging through a bin, your shoppers also enjoy the convenience of organization and tidiness. Make sure the objects you’re selling are not only clean, but also easy to view.
  1. Prepare for hagglers. “Expect haggling and don’t be offended no matter how low the offer. That is hard but the potential buyer has shown an interest and as a seller you need to capitalize on that interest and turn it into a need so the item is sold because you no longer want it, but someone else does,” says Helaine Fendelman, a professional appraiser.
  1. Involve the family. Garage sales can be a fun event for everyone in the house. Not only is it great opportunity to make a few extra dollars, it’s also a great exercise in money and value for your kids. Have them help pick out toys they no longer play with, let them work their own station at the sale and share in the profits. Your little helpers will not only learn valuable lessons, they can also be the best sales people in your arsenal.
  1. Stay safe. While the sale is an innocent opportunity to earn extra cash and, for your customers, to snag a holiday deal, there are unfortunately unsavory characters in every corner of the world. Since you are inviting people to your doorstep, make sure you are staying safe. Lock your doors and make an effort to hide any valuables that could be visible from the sale location.

Take the opportunity this year to make a little extra money, clear out some cluttered spaces and maybe get to know your neighbors