Holiday Decoration Storage 101: Finding Your Décor

14 November 2014 by

You can do everything right when it comes to storing your decorations. You can perfectly wrap every tiny trinket. You can store items in stackable boxes to save room. You can label your boxes according to the proper holiday. But when a whole year passes without so much as a thought given to decorations, it’s easy to forget what you’ve done with all that décor.

New items pile up in front of holiday boxes and reorganization leaves you unfamiliar with where you’ve put things.

As important as it is to stow your items safely and neatly, it’s equally important to keep track of what you’ve done with them. What if a Halloween candle would be perfect for a theme party you’re going to in April? What if turkey platter would be perfect for a spring ham?

Being able to find your stuff takes planning too.

Plastic Containers

It can be frustrating to have all of your precious decorations hidden behind a cardboard wall. Pulling out box after box to find one small item often feels like more trouble than it’s worth.

Holly Bohn of See Jane Work recommends a different means of storage to avoid rifling through boxes.

“Use labeled plastic see-through bins so you know what’s in each container from season to season. A favorite are the clear storage bins from Office Depot, with a large, clear label stuck on and enclosed in a sheet protector,” says Bohn.

Don’t do a storage scavenger hunt to find your items, use transparent containers that will make finding your decorations easier.

Photographic Proof

If you’d rather not replace all your boxes with plastic containers there are other methods of tracking what’s inside that don’t require see-through storage.

Before you pack up your decorations this year, take pictures of what you’re storing.

You can use this in two ways:

  1. Print the pictures of your decorations and tape them in an envelope to each box you store. It will be much easier to flip through photos than to unpack an entire box.
  2. If you’d prefer to go all digital, you can take pictures of decorations and put them into albums on your computer. Name the albums the same as the unique name you put on the box label so you can reference the contents of each box easily.

Storage Map

If you have a large storage unit and have accumulated a lot of items over the years, the problem may not even be finding individual items. The biggest issue may be facing is finding the boxes themselves. This year, instead of storing your boxes and hoping for the best next year, make a map of where your decorations are located in your storage unit.

Keep the map affixed to the inside of your storage space so that any time you move something, you can correct it.

Don’t let good decorations go missing. Make sure that you are tracking what you’ve put where so that when you look for it next year or any time in between, locating your precious possessions can be done easily and quickly.