Holiday Decoration Storage 101: Candles

12 November 2014 by

The dazzling display of candlelight during the holiday season can bring warmth to any room. From pumpkin pie-scented jarred candles to reindeer-shaped decorative wax figures, these beautiful winter additions are also very delicate.

From the breakable long-stemmed candles to the generations old crystal holders, protecting your candles during storage can help ensure you have beautiful displays year after year.

4 Tips for Proper Candle Storage

  1. Avoiding Candle Defects

Candles are easy to dent, scratch, break and blemish, so storing them needs to be done carefully. Tom Lund of Heritage Self Storage recommends an individualized approach when storing candles.

“To keep your candles from scarring one another, wrap each individually in plain tissue paper. Do not use newspaper, as the wax may pull the print off. If these candles are scented, consider sealing each in airtight containers to preserve their scent,” says Lund.

  1. Cool Storage

Needless to say, a major concern of storing candles is keeping them from melting during the non-winter seasons. If you live in an area where your house remains 80 degrees or cooler year round, storing them in your home or a basement shouldn’t compromise your candles.

For those who store their decorations in an attic or an outdoor storage unit, keeping candles in good shape for more than 300 days can be difficult. Starting an in-home candle storage box or choosing an affordable candle option than can be replaced each year will be your best option.

  1. Neutral Candles

If you aren’t completely set on having holiday specific candle colors and scents, it may be worth it to change your candle color scheme to something neutral that doesn’t need replacing.

“Some of my clients use neutral colored candles to decorate their tables and mantles year round and choose not to store them at all,” says Lauren Silverman of MOREganized.

  1. Candle Holders

One of the most frustrating parts of holiday storage is being unable to find paired items amidst your stored decorations. When putting things away this year, make sure that you are keeping candles and their holders near one another.

If you have candleholders you use for both Thanksgiving and December holidays, make sure that when you put away the decorations for the year, you return them to your Thanksgiving decorations so they won’t miss the November holiday next year.

Candles can seem like such a simple thing, but if you love these waxy decorations, take care of them properly to ensure you have them year after year.