Hitting the Jackpot

10 October 2014 by

Imagine winning a storage unit at an auction and finding forgotten treasure buried inside. Show after show on television is based on that premise with audiences tuning in each week in hopes that bidders on the shows will end up hitting the jackpot.

The new, 2015 Toyota Camry campaign – “One Bold Choice Leads to Another” – even features that exact concept in its campaign debut commercial titled “Guitar.”

In the 30 second television spot, which is one of six that will air for the car, a young woman drives her Camry to a storage unit auction and after winning the locker, discovers an old guitar inside belonging to blues legend B.B. King. When she tries to return the guitar to him, she’s surprised by his generosity when he signs and gives her the instrument instead.

The dream of finding some version of B.B. King’s lost guitar has several people turning to storage auctions in their own community. Online-based auction finders, such as AuctionZip based in Pennsylvania, helps users find both physical auctions nation and worldwide – including storage unit auctions – as well as online auctions.

“From the auctioneer perspective, it’s really great because it allows auctioneers to post their listings including images, lot information and locations,” Riley Cameron, a customer care representative at AuctionZip said. “From there, customers can type in a ZIP code and keyword and a calendar will come up with all the available auctions in their area.”

A large variety of auction sites post on the site and although there aren’t any definitive figures on the impact of the recent social focus on storage auctions, it’s felt within the industry.

“The online auction industry and shows like that have definitely grown the industry and I think peaked interest that may not have been there before,” Cameron said.

Cameron adds that it’s important to have an open mind when starting out in the storage auction environment.

“Since there is such a wide variety not only of auction houses, but items that they’re selling on our site, take the time to do searches that interest you and look through all the different items to find something that you probably wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.”

Here’s to hoping you find your version of long lost treasure!

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