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6 October 2014 by

For those living in a large city – where space is more precious than gold and often costs just about as much – the need for self-storage is pretty common. The actually process of moving items to a unit however can be just as stressful as moving altogether. It used to be the only two options were stationary or portable self-storage. Now, CityStash is changing that by offering an alternative that makes moving stored items less work.

CityStash’s motto is, “We Do The Work. You Never Leave Home.” The company is based on the idea of a full-service moving company, but for self-storage. CityStash conveniently brings boxes and heavy-duty plastic crates to customers so they can easily pack items they want to store as part of a monthly subscription service offered in the Washington, D.C. or San Francisco areas. When they are done, one of CityStash’s movers safely places the items into a storage facility. The service completely removes the hassle of moving from the process of putting items into storage.

According to CityStash’s website, “Whenever you need your items back, simply log in to your online account and place a redelivery order for any individual item or your entire stash.”

The SpareFoot Blog’s blogger Kathryn Hawkins spoke with CityStash’s CEO, Tim Friemel who said his idea for the company was inspired by a downsizing life experience and discovering that self-storage is not cheap. After receiving angel investing for the idea, the company developed software that computerizes most of the transaction process and was able to expand into the San Francisco area.

“Our typical customer is a woman in her mid- to late 20s or early 30s. She’s between places, or maybe going abroad for a few months and needs a place to keep her stuff,” Friemel told Hawkins. “She doesn’t have the means to pick up her items and store them on her own, so we directly solve that problem for her.”

For those not living in the Washington, D.C. or San Francisco area there are ways to make the self-storage moving process easier. Be sure to check out Self Storage Finder’s “Handy Relocation Checklist” which includes valuable advice for making major moves less stressful.



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